Roses are Red and Pink: Friday’s Letters

So, as you know by this post, I didn’t know what to expect for Valentine’s Day or if I should even expect to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all.
Later, hubby revealed to me was that his rationale for thinking it was ok not to celebrate was because Valentine’s Day fell on a Thursday.
From the book of wife life, “who cares what day it falls on. You can’t pretend it doesn’t exist”.
Yes, I partly care less about Valentine’s Day because its not a real holiday but I am far from a debbie downer saying that the day is stupid and should be ignored.
It really just means that we can move our date night up a day and go date with the rest of the country.
You truly don’t have to go overboard. I definitely don’t see it as Christmas for lovers.
Either who, I guess hubby said “if you want Valentine’s Day, then I will give you Valentine’s Day!”
Yesterday morning hubby wanted to take me to work and pick me up and from there I knew he would take me to dinner – because going to eat Sushi is all I asked for.
Well, Thursdays is a day that I spend mostly in the field doing home visits. So I told him I would go to work and be home probably sooner then expected.
I noticed he was irritated but he wouldn’t say why.
Well, I took myself to work and was in the field. At the last minute I decided to stop by my office to use the bathroom and then be gone for the day on a Walk/Run for my agency.
Well, luckily I did stop by the office because these flowers were delivered to my office by hubby as a surprise. And boy did he get me! because I kid you not, I thought he didn’t even know the address to my office.
Sneaky Sneaky Mr. Hubster!

They were so beautiful. They have a special place on my desk for the next few days – sadly I won’t be back in the office until Wednesday so hopefully they are still holding on when I return.
So when I got home it was time for his surprise.
He was in the kitchen warming up his food and washing dishes.
I knew he would have to come back to the microwave so I just stood there in silence ready to surprise him.
And surprise him I did! HA! See that look on his face!
He checked out  skimmed the card and then the goods…
I got him Ted on Blu Ray – He was definitely pleased with that. And I owe him a Ravens edition Sports Illustrated!
So then he took me out to eat Sushi! To make it special, instead of going to the regular places we go – he researched a spot we had never been to so that we could try it together. It was an hour away in Dulles, Virginia. And that was fine by me because I hadn’t been out that way in a long time.
Here’s my V-day outfit of the day.
Sweater: NY&Co. Shirt: NY&Co. Pants: Forever21+ Shoes: Bakers Jewelry: Forever21
My shoes are black with metallic specks so I figured why not do the same in the tights under my ripped jeans. Peak-a-Boo!
Food was great! Sushi was amazing! YAY!
Then we went to go see Safe Haven –
I didn’t know what to expect because The Notebook set the standard for emotional romantic stories but this one was far from it. It was definitely more of a mystery, thriller, romantic love story with a twist at the end that made me love it more. In a romantic mood? Go see this.
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day
and now some brief letters…
Dear Sorors, Brown Bag Lunch today. I’m there.
Dear Hubby, Thanks for everything yesterday and we have a long weekend to hang out so can’t wait!
Dear NBA All-Star Game, I was there last year but this year it was just off my radar.. maybe next year.
Dear New Readers, Thanks for hanging with me.
Dear Ashley, Congrats on your pregnancy!
Dear Crystal and Marquis, So happy that the twins are finally here!
Dear Job, Thanks for the Special Achievement Award – much appreciated!
Dear Parents, miss you much!

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