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In the spirit of Valentine’s Month  –
I wanted to share one of my favorite things about my hubby and what attracted me to him the most –
Among several other things, that I can go into later and have shared before – it was something about his stature that made me swoon.
His Stature.

It’s probably the fact that I am a rather tall woman with a taller personality. I kept finding men who were the same height as me or shorter just not that impressive. I had tried it but in the end it was always something I was made very aware of whenever I put on heels to go out.

I am a fairly taller then average height female and with heels I’m closer to 6’0 (when I wear my highest platform stilettos).  I can’t have some small guy walking with me – because when my feet hurt who am I going to lean on??  

I wanted that “tall, dark and handsome” man. Something about the tall man made me feel like I was protected. I love being able to let my guard down in more ways then one, when I am with him. He on the other hand may not be so amused. LOL.

What I didn’t expect to love was the bigger guy but I love a guy whom I can’t easily push over if I tried (must be the law enforcement side in me coming out – definitely don’t want to feel like I am always protecting my man outside of work too but that he can handle his own).

I remember when my sister was single and not looking. She calls me and asks me what she should do about a guy who likes her, all because he is really not her type. So I asked her what was wrong with him and she says its because he is different then all the other guys that she had dated in the past. See, my sister used to date nothing but taller guys and what not.
Needless to say, she gave the guy her number and they are still together to this day almost five years later. See, she had no idea what she was missing. LOL. The happiest I have seen her.

at my wedding

Little did I know she was going to fall in love with a Haitian man as well.. we think its so funny that the two of us with our dad being from the Bahamas fell for island men as well.  And yes both my hubby and her boo speak Creole and we do not – so Lord help us if they ever want to talk about us behind our backs.

Well,  remember the Calvin Klein Super Bowl Ad? 
Even though the commercials this year were pretty lack luster, there was one that I remember all the husbands running into the room where the girls were watching the Super Bowl screaming “OH NO! CLOSE YOUR EYES!” and thats the Calvin Klein Commercial.
I guess we got a little too quiet. 
I mean THIS just caught me off guard ..

and thats fine because it’s just nice to look at from time to time. 
I think a common conversation had by most women is one about discussing their “type”. 
I was one that has always said that I don’t have a type – after all it was great to leave my options open. 
However, despite drooling over the model types, there are many women who enjoy men who have a little “more” to offer. And there are other women, like my sister back in the day, that don’t realize that big guys need love too. 
I can’t speak for anyone else but myself but I like a man that just has a presence.
It doesn’t mean he has to be cut, but when he enters the room – he just turns heads because he is so tall or so big or just has a certain swagger or stature.
Especially stature. 
Well, this post is dedicated to men who have that certain hold me up when my feet hurt, or carry me even, can turn heads, and have a Big & Tall Quality 
These guys have more to love and need Love too!

Baltimore Ravens Lineman,  Michael Oher

From the movie 300 and one of my faves P.S. I Love You,  Gerard Butler 
Ladies Love Cool James (LL Cool J)  James Todd Smith

Now, let me say, I am not easily impressed with muscles. I am a person who likes to snuggle and I feel like overly muscular men are too hard to snuggle on. However, I can say that in just the closeness that it took to get this pic with LL almost changed my mind. 
I’m just saying his back is impressive. 
Even caught my mom blushing when she was talking to him. LOL. 
Speaking of the muscular men, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has undeniable stature 

I mean did you SEE him in Fast Five? No? Let me show you – 
One person I think thats overlooked and probably because he is not that tall but will get honorable mention is: 
Ice Cube
At an All Star Game, he was on the same elevator as me – in flats or tennis shoes he is taller then me, and although he is on the shorter side those thick guys is what I like. So he makes the list. Plus, he smelled really nice. 

Recently engaged to his 5 month girlfriend, Miss Universe – New York Giants, Osi Umenyiora
makes the list . 
I think Nicole Murphy feels me because she is so tall and found herself a nice tall guy in, 
Talk Show Host, Michael Strahan
You may know him as being the brother in law to Miley Cyrus, but the Hemsworth brothers are definitely some nice looking men.
Didn’t realize it until I saw one of my favorite Marvel Comics movies, Thor. 
Chris Hemsworth
Speaking of Thor, 
Green Bay Packers Lineman, Clay Matthews (pictured on left)
Doesn’t he look like he could also be casted in Thor 2? I’m just sayin’. 
My hometown homeboy, Knicks Basketball player, Carmelo Anthony

And lastly, after watching Beyonce’s Life is But a Dream – I wondered if Julius ever has a life because he is literally the Carter’s head security guard. He must be good at what he does – 
Julius, Beyonce’s Bodyguard
I know that perhaps my type has changed of the years, but I’m thankful that when I met him he broke the mold and completely changed my mindset!
Cause I sure do love my hubby.

So Ladies, 
Whats your type?
Let me know – 
was your hubby or significant other one that changed your mind or fit the mold?
(yes, I am still on vacation – thank you President’s Day)
This is what you do when on vacay – I also finally got my office together and organized all my make up – may do a reveal soon. 

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6 thoughts on “More to Love

  1. Faith says:

    hahaha, hubs def. changed what my type was and i'm glad he did because i def. would have been missing out.

    now i don't even mention my type anymore, lol.

    but i would say that i love a guy with muscles. and hubs has that so there, he's my type, lol 🙂


  2. Danielle says:

    My husband is the exact opposite of what I felt was my “type.” Prior to dating him, I only dated tall guys 6'0+, muscles, outgoing, generally a “take charge” kind of guy. I met Ashish was instantly in love. He isn't tall (5'9), he's thin, kinda shy, and definitely lets me run the show! I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone because I would have never have met him!


  3. Carissa says:

    Honey….God hit the nail on the head when he put me with my husband!!! I LOVE the football player physique and that's exactly what I got (former football player)!!! LOL!!! He has muscle but he is still able to cuddle! He's 6'5″ and I am 5'4″…I wanted a taller/bigger man because even though I am short I am a curvy lady and I would look awkward next to a skinny man! LOL!! So I think mine was right on with “my type”


  4. ChoklatTea says:

    This post is SO on point. I am 5'11 and am all too familiar with most men being average height which is shorter than I am flat-footed. Lord forbid if I were to put on heels, normally ranging between 3-5 inches, it would be a situation. I actually wore FLATS to my senior prom b/c my boyfriend, at the time, was 5'8 and I did not want the pictures to look awkward. CONFESSION: I took my shoes off AND had my knees bent in the pic to seem closer in height to him. LOL…SMH. Unfortuantely, I was stalked once by a man suffering from “short man's complex” and it turned me off to the vertically challenged for a while. As a tall girl, I would definitely love for my guy to be above average in height. I have only dated 2 men shorter than I, my track record shows tall w/ a mix of muscles & cuddly goodness!!! God has not blessed me with a husband/significant other as of yet but I know he will be perfect for me. Maybe he is around the corner. Once again, great post!!!


  5. Ali says:

    OH YES to every man on that list! (I've never been a Melo fan, though, I have to admit) Gahhh. This list! -swwoooonn-

    Especially the Rock. That man. Phew.

    I married a very tall, thin man and I love me a tall man. Especially with more to love! I wish my hubby had a belly or anything – but he just cannot gain weight. :o(

    Welp, love this. Thanks for sharing!


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