Life is But a Dream: Friday’s Letters

There are weeks you dread and then there are weeks like these that you simply look forward to:
This year has been amazing so far and it continues to prove that there is never a dull moment.
Dear D.C., You are a city that I can never grow tired of. When I first came to you in 1999 to attend college, I swore that I would always return home to Baltimore… Slowly, but surely you sucked me right back in and I am ok with that. Once the weather gets warm again, watch out!
Dear Weather, Please get warm again and quick! I can’t wait to go Segway riding again with my fam’. It was so much fun last time that I really can not wait! Mind you- today you suck! Its snowing now and hubby will not let me drive to Baltimore to celebrate a birthday with my favorite “Golden Girl” if you don’t quit it – so umm please go back to spring.
Dear Partner, its funny because as much as we get done – we manage to have fun and a bunch of laughs as people try to get over on us. It’s why we go in the community – to sniff out the lies. Welp until next time… coming to a home visit near you – its our D.C. Parole Diaries. (Lightbulb! I just may have to share with you guys just some of the random things that we do encounter throughout the week.)
Dear Blue Ivy, You aren’t the only light skinned baby with a pretty mommy.. here I am in my Life is But a Dream debut also. Check out that coiffed hair mom was rocking in the 80’s and my matching bush. I didn’t get caramel in color until I was about 2 years old. Go figure. I think thats granny in the corner whose Jherri Curl I was checking out so intensely.
Dear Readers, Did you know that I launched a swap program?? All you have to do is click the sponsor page and upload your button through passionfruit. Its really simple, quick, easy and most of all FREE!
Also, if I reach 200 followers, I will have a giveaway soon to celebrate.
Dear Book I’d Say I write, Can you write yourself? I have so many great ideas that I want to include, but no single train of thought – my book is getting lost in my own head space. One day I will get motivated and be done. Did you know that I wrote about 130 pages of my first book and then quit on it. Ask me where it is now? no clue. smh. I must finish this book.
Today ‘s Topic: 
“WHAT?! Brought you Here??”
So you all know that Google will tell you what Search Keywords have brought something to your blog space. This week I had some of the most random searches.
Grant it, most times they are usually very legitimate searches of something I know I have written about like “DST Centennial”
However, sometimes I am thinking to myself – “I hope they find what they are looking for… just not here”
Here are 4 WHAT?! Brought you Here Search Words:
1. “men shorter” 
 – nope. no short men here. We already went over that here.
2. “tights under”
 – I don’t know what you may looking for,
but I was only talking about them being underneath my ripped jeans here.
3. cutest busty wet babes of 2012
– now really? definitely not a wet babe of 2012
however, had a busty snapfoo that I was trying to avoid here.
4. eating sushi off a woman restaurant
– now I love sushi like the rest of them however, I do not want to eat raw fish off of a woman.

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