Cotton Candy In Times Square

 I went to a make-up party that was hosted by a Make-Up Artist friend of mines and it featured Motives for LaLa products. 
I had never seen or knew anything about the line, so I was excited to dip my fingers in some of the products and learn more about the custom color foundations. 
My intention for going to the make up party was to see the trends and 
I went looking for a few new colors for the Spring. 
I ordered some goodies that I can’t wait to share with you. 
For now let me share with you this new lip color that I chose as part of my Spring Palette: 
This is Cotton Candy lip liner with Times Square lip stick.
Let’s just say it was LOVE at first sight!
The pigment of the lip liner and the lipstick is what I was so impressed with. 
Being a woman of color, getting pigments to just POP like they should can be tasking. 
Not with this though. 
So for Spring, I am loving Motives for LaLa.
Have you picked things for Spring?
What colors are you thinking of trying for this upcoming season?

Once I had it on, you couldn’t tell me nothing! 
I went walking around the neighborhood feeling good about my choice. 
I can not wait until the rest of my products come in so that I can share with you some more goodies!
*I was not compensated for talking about the product or event – just thought it was worth a mention and my money*

In preparing my face for events and day to day – I always ask myself the most important make-up question : To Lash or Not to Lash? That is always the question. 

I can say that it wasn’t until I moved to Chicago that I saw lashes worn even with every day make up. 
It took some practice to get a rhythm in regards to applying lashes. 
I use to be in LOVE with Mascara and I still have my faves but none do the work of turning my tiny curly lashes into what I get from false lashes. 
It also depends on the event – if I am going to be in the dark most the night, then no lashes for me. Too much work and I will probably rub my eye and the lash off sooner then someone noticing them. 
But for the event I went to yesterday, Lashes were perfect!
If I had the stamina – I would DEFINITELY wear lashes daily!
What fun – its like a Party on your eye!
Do you lash?
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6 thoughts on “Cotton Candy In Times Square

  1. Carissa says:

    I dont lash…but do a tutorial on them and I would be open to trying them on myself! LOL! I'm open to them but I never tried them…I have pretty long lashes so I should probably have someone do them on me first before trying them myself…But I still would love a tutorial (hint, hint) LOL!


  2. Adrana Matthews says:

    I've been wanting to try lashes and tried to do them on Friday, but I was unsuccessful, so I gave it up…like Carissa said- do a tutorial…particularly on individual lashes…Those are what I have- purchased on E.L.F.


  3. Demetrice Smith says:

    I have tried and tried to put on my own lashes with no success 😦 I love the lip color!! I recently stepped out of my box and tried a similiar WetNWild shade. One of my sorors swears by Motives by LaLa!


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