Hello, Oscar Weekend

Well Friday, our Branch Chief said his farewell and is heading to work for another Agency. We celebrated his accomplishment with a dessert party! I was most pleased with the fact that I spent the majority of the day eating Red Velvet and Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes.
With his office cleared out – I figured what a perfect time to snap a quick pic for my vision board. Hey, one day I see Branch Chief for me… why not?
This office is huge~ I wish you could see the rest of it … thats ok in a few years you will because it will be mines!

Well, after work it was time to do a quick change of tops, make up and hair to go celebrate one of my good friends Birthday! 
The Lady of the Evening: my homie aka my Golden Girl, Danielle. 

and yes, she is a good 6 1/2 months pregnant with my soon to be new baby church nephew, but she celebrated like a soldier! 
She was so happy and danced her little heart out to her favorite song- don’t get me to lying because so much was going on that night, I don’t remember what she was dancing so hard to here. 
We were at Mt. Washington Tavern in Baltimore – a GREAT oyster bar. 
The food was AMAZING ~ from the Calamari to the Buffalo Wings, to this Crab Dip with the softest bread that I have ever tasted… 
AND of course the Blue Point Oysters are the ones I would recommend. 
And as we had fun – I began to pick up random glasses and wear them. 
I love trying random looks from time to time. 

First, tried the dark black big frames for this pic above – 
and now these Brown frames that someone had – 

We had such fun for Dani’s Birthday – I would definitely go back there for dinner!

My thoughts on the Oscars! 
SO ~
Where do I even begin… 
First, Seth MacFarlane is an envelope pusher – honestly I thought he was a good host – 
me having to cringe and laugh at the same time still made it more entertaining then some years
Then again, I saw a lot of the Oscar nominated movies so it made it more interesting then in the past. 
The color of the evening was Blush Neutrals and Navy Blues –
Anne Hathaway looked better for her Les Miserables performance then the Red Carpet – where she looked like she was dressed in my Junior Prom dress. THIS is what she was feeling three hours prior to the awards – it’s by Prada. Valentino is pissed! Because they made her something just for tonight and she won – in that… smh. 
One person whom I saw once she hit the carpet and thought was FIERCE is Ms. Charlize Theron – although she buzzed her hair off for a film three months ago, this cut that she wore for the Oscars was so classy to me. She looked amazing. 
Not to mention she danced with my boo, Channing Tatum during the opening.
Jessica Chastain in Armani Privé took a gorgeous risk by choosing a gown that was so close to her skin tone but it worked! She looked amazing. The beading on the gown had a pattern that accentuated the right parts. Her hair was gorge and that red lip was what brought it to life! 
a nude lip wouldn’t have worked.

Kelly Rowland in Donna Karan did it again! Fierce ma’am!
She has looked amazing over the last two months at every event she has done. 

Jennifer Lawrence looked Fab in Dior Haute Couture
I always loved her because despite the fact that she is not big at all – she represents no matter what size she is and looks fab doing it. 
and not only did Zoe Saldana look great in Alexis Mabille, she is dating my boo too – Bradley Cooper
although no one is quite sure if they are on again or off again. 
Oh well. 
Give me the Blues: 
Jennifer Hudson in Roberto Cavalli looked and sounded amazing last night!

Reese Witherspoon looked awesome in Louis Vuitton and had some of the best hair of the evening. 

Quvenzhané Wallis in Armani Junior looks so cute, especially with her puppy purse that was made to look like the dog she has at home. 
Such a huge personality in such a little tiny package.
She said she picked her gown because it was fluffy and sparkly.
KUDOS to Helen Hunt for wearing a gown she got from H&M – proving that you don’t have to wear big labels to look fabulous.. just wish her assistants would have starched that dress. 
The steam clearly wore out. 

And to my girl, Robin Roberts!
We are #TeamRobin
She is such an example of strength. 
After watching her 20/20 special when she said that the doctor’s told her that she had 1-2 years to live and what smiles she had to put on her face during that time made me love her all the more. 
My Favorite Male looks: 
Chris Pine ~ Something about this sleek double breasted tuxedo looks so sharp!
And of course, my boo’s can do no wrong. LOL 
Channing Tatum and his lovely super pregnant wife, Jenna.

and of course Bradley Cooper, who could’ve did something different with his hair and told his mom to not wear all those feathers – but hey – he is doing no wrong with his attire.
And the misses:
The fact that Kerri Washington’s Miu Miu dress looked amazing on stage, 
yet it falls so flat on the Red Carpet. 
It was so beautiful and yet hard to tell.. 
The Absolute Horrendous: 
Maria Menounos in her Pepto gown and this Bump It hairstyle

*all oscar pics via JustJared
What were your faves of the evening??

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3 thoughts on “Hello, Oscar Weekend

  1. Sarah says:

    You and those big chunky black glasses = HOT! I love that look–sexy and smart at the same time. You should steal them all the time!

    Also, I kind of enjoyed Seth McFarlane too! I figured he would be exactly like he was, and wasn't let down–plus I was in love with his trio song with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliff. Dreamy.

    Thanks for linking up Jasmine!


  2. Cece says:

    Hope you make it into that office one day! I love it that Helen Hunt wore H&M! So cool. Not a fan of Anne's dress or Kelly Rowland's actually. I didn't watch so thanks for sharing some shots.


  3. Leeann @ Join the Gossip says:

    What a fun birthday! I love that the bday girl is gettin' down! That's awesome!

    I loved Jessica's gold dress. So beautiful. And although a lot of people didn't like it, I loved Jennifer Garner's dress. It was fun!

    Sorry I'm so late on commenting. Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip!!


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