You may be wondering where my mid week, witty, thought provoking posts have been lately.
Then again, maybe not so much.
I am presently in a state of constant… how can I put this? my job has upset me greatly.
Still thankful I have one.
And STILL pissed off.
I am being involuntarily moved out of my office into another office upstairs in the building.
Of course, there are pluses and minuses to this move.
First, the minuses –
1. I am being moved out of my very own office with a door to an office that has a cubicle inside (still has a door, but a shared space nonetheless).
2. I wasn’t told in an appropriate amount of time to even adjust my mindset to this move.
3. This will be my 5th move in 1 and 1/2 years.
4. I am grieving over my loss of my office and have been doing so since yesterday despite only being told officially today simply because I had a feeling it was coming.
5. It is completely unorganized and a result of a bunch of transfers occuring in the agency.
6. The person who’s office they are moving me into is not scheduled to be moving until the day after I move, so as of right now, we’ll be sitting on each others laps.
7. The person who determined these moves decided he didn’t want to answer his phone.
8. I feel homeless in my work place and this move has made me upset and anxious.
9. I am the only one from my team being moved because technically I am the rookie in the building.
10. My new office will have my back to the door. THAT ALONE MAKES ME UNEASY.
11. Did I mention that its a shared space with a person who is on a different team and has a different set of friends and therefore an already set flow of traffic in and out of my new office space. I don’t like randoms in my space.
12. Did I mention this was supposed to happen tuesday and I am just getting my boxes and notification today via email?
Sigh. I am STILL oh so thankful for the job that I have.
Lest I forget that despite my anxiety about this office move, combined with the anxiety and stress of my job alone – I swear!
My temperament and mood is also determined by the organization of my space. My pyche and my Virgo-tendencies can’t always handle sudden immediate change.
So pardon my absence.
I am simply adjusting.
Pluses – If there are any
1. I have a window that when you look out of it you see a trailer.
2. I am near the bathroom again, so laziness will not be a factor.
3. There is a refrigerator and microwave in my new office.
4. I am on the main floor so I won’t have to go up and down stairs for my scheduled appointments.
5. Space size is comparable to my present office.
6. At least there is a door.
Not that I drink this – but lawd… it may help those that make decisions and take the edge off..
You get the point.
See she feels me.
Its a big deal.
Hope your week is going great.

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Snowy Palms and Productions

This is my present locale because this: 
is what it looks like outside of my house – Snow on a wonderful Spring Day?! 
And of course my agency is open so I am feverishly making sure that I am keeping up with what I am supposed to be doing. 
In the meantime, this is what I have been doing all weekend-
Easter Production entitled “King of Kings”
Per usual, you can find me in the make up department. 
2013 Make Up Department for Easter Production – having fun after the last show!
Nevermind my Christmas shirt – we had to wear black and that was the only shirt I had that I really didn’t care too much for in case I got stuff on me. 
And per usual, you find me trying on different specks while I play and have some fun behind the scenes. I feel like a school teacher in these — “Let me school you” LOL.
Well much like every production at my husband’s church, there is plenty of rehearsals. I usually come to Tech Week, which is the week leading up to the actual shows so that I can see the flow of the show and know how to pace myself and what looks we will need for the Production with the guidance of the Make Up Director. 
I posted a pic on Instagram of this young dancer, DJ – who by the way is an amazing 19 year old hip hop dancer that gives his all at every rehearsal and does it all while constantly giving credit to God while doing so. Well, last week after the first rehearsal of Tech Week, DJ was going home and got into a really bad car accident. He flipped his car several times and ran into a light post so hard that it split. He said that he blacked out and doesn’t remember the details but remembers that his car was smoking and literally thought that it was going to blow up and he feared he was going to die. But thankfully, someone saw him and helped him escape from his vehicle through his window and sat with him on the side of the road. The very next night – he was there. at rehearsal. alive. with nothing but a scratch on his finger and no aches in his body – still dancing for the Lord. 

Some of my favorite moments from the Production of course involved Amos –
During “Joy Night” there is a fill in for each of the invited Guest Artist so that they can watch the show and see how they are supposed to do it. 
Amos was filling in for Richard Smallwood. He was great!
Kudos from Richard himself.
The set design always amazes me. They literally built a huge boat for the disciples and Jesus to get into and move across the stage – mind you this is the pulpit of their church. 
Fog machines float fog across the floor of the stage so that you will not see the mechanics of the boat’s movement. 
Interestingly enough, this huge boat filled with 12 grown men was actually being pulled on a pulley by one man – one very tall, very big young man. Poor thing had hurting hands after 6 shows. 
Of course, after the last show just means that we can play in the boat like kids!
This is my friend, Tamika – the Make Up Director playing in that big boat. It gives you the scale of how huge that thing was!
Remember last week when I gave you a sneak peak at the practice make up: 
Here is a reminder – 
For the show we added a glitter eye piece and went with a neutral lip. 
It was so that from the stage along with the lighting the light would hit the glitter as these were the special dancers that represented the Angels.
It looked so good on camera and it was so good to see the final product come together.
Another look for this weekend was one that I practiced on myself – a glamourous demonic look. I am thankful that I didn’t have to really wear this mask, but it was definitely cool to try something different.
If we weren’t rushing trying to do cast make up, in down time we were practicing different looks on each other. My girl Vanessa did this leopard spot look on me. 
Grrrrrrrrrrr BABY!
My boo liked it , LOL. This must’ve been between the three shows we had on Saturday because once he starts working, I never get to see him. 
Then the other part of the job, getting called at a minute’s notice to come to a Guest Artists room because they need hair or make up because they came sans glam team. 
Me and Tamika to the rescue!
We were Shirley Ceasar’s Glam Team for the weekend, who by the way is hilariously sweet and we worked with Le’Andria Johnson as well. 
It’s one thing to see your look behind an office door in florescent lights, but its one thing to actually see it on a stage. We ran to the sanctuary to check on our work and we were so pleased! 
It’s a different eye to do stage make up because everything has to be exaggerated. 
I loved her spirit as well and she can SING! 
Of course the benefit of having guests is being able to meet them in person. 
We happened to run into David Mann, who is famous for being “Mr. Brown” in Tyler Perry plays and movies because his wife, Tamela Mann, who plays “Cora” in Tyler Perry Productions was a guest artist who sang her hit, “Take me to the King!”

We were thankful that we had a good run with the Easter Production. We only get a month or so to rest because now ideas are flowing for Christmas Production and auditions begin in July. 
I also got to see my mom on Sunday. 
She happened to come to Howard University, my alma mater to preach on Sunday!
It was so good being able to catch up with her and I loved her robe!

I hope that you had a wonderful Palm Sunday!

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Friday? Really?

I think because of the whirlwind I have been in this month with having an event to go to every weekend, I have been really in need of a day where I am not doing a single thing!
Today is THAT day. 
I had a great idea that I would like to clean and do some things around the house, but I am literally enjoying the slow pace of this day. 
Its like quiet time to not have my husband task me with things while he is at work. 
Trust me. He tried it but thankfully, I am feeling really tired and defiant right about now.
So, last night was the first run through of the Easter Production. 
Needless to say that also contributed to my exhaustion. 
We were like a non-stop train of make up once the call time for the cast began. 
The last show is Sunday night so I can do a recap on Monday.
I really think I need some Flintstone Vitamins or something. 
There simply is not enough energy for me to last throughout even a chill day to do anything I want to do. So perhaps that will be the one thing I go do today. 
Either who, 
Dear Hubby, you played so wonderfully last night. And boy were you nervous beforehand but like I told you – you did awesome. You got the ultimate compliment – compliments from the composer himself, Richard Smallwood. 
Dear Body, I think we can benefit from that Up bracelet from Jawbone – lets see if we can convince Amos to get us one of those – I would like to be more conscious of things I can do to get healthy. 
Dear Life, when you slow down, I can get to the grocery store and try some more fun recipes. 
Dear House, Its Spring Cleaning time! Apparently on the day that I was supposed to have off (Monday) my husband would like to plant flowers and seed the grass. Exactly why it may not always be a good thing that you are off on the same day of the week and another reason why I surprised him by taking a day off on a day that he had to work. 
Dear Rachel Ray, Don’t you want to just gift me your entire line of products? I’m just saying, I have a nice lovely bright kitchen that you can come add all those colorful products (can you tell thats what I am watching right now?)
Dear Mommy and Daddy, Can’t wait to see you Sunday! YAY!
And now… to take full advantage of this day. 
Have a great weekend everybody.

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I guess its time for an update or a reality check with self again.
Grant it, all things happen in God’s timing –
with all the jetsetting and stressful jobs and new ventures, honestly having children is kind of the least of my worries during my day to day. However, I am a dreamer – like a big picture thinker at all times and then become really Type A when it comes to planning those big picture items out.
I swear when we built our home, I haggled the most out of our builder then any of my neighbors, as all of their homes look like the model and ours has things they didn’t even think about.
I’m a “think about the function first, practical” type of person blended so perfectly with the take a leap of faith and jump personality.
And so… here we are again – an update for unexplained infertility.
Now grant it, the unexplained part about it is that we don’t know God’s timing.
But Faith without works is completely dead.
So, I am switching specialists…
I did the big practice that advertised every where and had the fancy schmancy office near the nice hospital and what not. Been a patient of theirs going on a year in April and yet – here I am right where I started a year ago.
Upon referral of two friends, I am switching specialists for a second opinion and perhaps get in return more understanding and a second type of plan versus going straight for my pockets for the high priced fertility treatments.
Let’s see how this goes.
In the meantime, I am going to be working on 6 shows over this weekend doing production make up. Another reason why this is a perfect time to be doing whatever and going wherever the wind blows me sans children.
C’mon now there is always a silver lining.

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Easter Production Make Up

Every once in a while, I will lend my make up services to Easter and Christmas Productions.
As I prepare to go to the New York Make Up Show for the first time, I am really excited to be able to build my portfolio to be able to receive professional benefits.
My love for make up probably started when I was a high school student – studying visual arts in high school and even started at Howard as a Fashion Merchandising major, and while putting together several looks for runway lines that I designed at a Fashion School in Chicago.
If you can blend colors on paper, you can blend color on faces.
I feel that as long as you know the color wheel, you will know how to do great make up.
One of my desires is to eventually teach a make up class – to teach people just as I have learned.
The production thats coming up starting thursday is an Easter Production called King of Kings.
Its being held at my husbands church where the stage is huge!
Its in a space that holds about 2,500 people.
In any performance, with a stage that huge, the make up must be exaggerated in order to see from the seats that could be as far away as 100 feet or more.
Here are a few looks that I did during tech week:
The first was playing with highlighting and contouring of the face using Ben Nye Banana Powder and Ebony Powder and the new NW58 from MAC! (you didnt know they added an even darker foundation to the line did you?!) , bright colored eye (two toned gold eyeshadow with blue in the corners which blended into green in the crease – all Ben Nye pigment products) and Cotton Candy Lipstick made by Motives.
The next look is for a group we call “special dancers” : the look here is extreme highlight and contouring with bronze NYX pigment on the lid, Mac Expresso int he crease, Motives for LaLa Lipstick in Times Square. To this look we will add glittered masks that will be hand applied to the eyes and netting around the nose and mouth. All she needs now is her false lashes and her liner.

I can’t wait until the night of the show where I can show you how it all comes together.
Follow me on Instagram at VashtiJasmine to see more from the show.
What do you think about these looks?

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