Thank God its Friday!

It’s Friday, a day that I think every person looks forward to –
Something about embarking on antics and fun for the weekend . Whether it is going to your favorite restaurant or finally getting to see that movie that you have been dying to see, or it could simply be the joy of not having to get up if you don’t feel like it because heck! its the weekend bay bee–
I for one, have been looking forward to the weekend for many reasons.
This weekend marks 100 years of the Women’s Suffrage March – held on the eve of the Presidential Inauguration in 1913.
This year in D.C. my sorority, Delta Sigma Theta will be marching in the reenactment of the Women’s Suffrage March just like they did 100 years ago.
I will be marching with my mother and I am excited to once again be a part of history and be a part of the legacy that my Grand Grandmother started.
So Dear Suffragettes, we prepare again to take over D.C., to march in memory of those who have marched before us. I can not imagine as a woman not having a say and not having a vote in our democracy. Thank you for paving the way.
Dear Nounouche, (sister in love) Happy Early Birthday. So glad to have you come in town this weekend and can’t wait to celebrate with you on Sunday.
Dear V, I am so excited for your gender reveal tommorrow.
Dear Arista, looks like once you left living with us you have become famous! You were on The View last year and now looks like you are breaking out in your social media debut. At least we will get to see you more often! I even hear that oscar the weiner dog has been checking you out – watch out now! LOL.
Well, as for me …
Dear Readers, I have so many things in the works for next week – I have a great new product I am reviewing for you. Sharing more make-up tips as my freelance Make-Up Artist career is about to be in an upswing due to NYC Make Up Show,  Prom Season and other special events kicking off. First up is an Easter Production at the end of the month. I also have an opportunity to become a distributor for a cosmetic line and I am so excited about that as well. I have more day in the life of things brewing. So stick around and say hey!
… oh so close to 200 GFC followers – if you like what you read, please click the follow button and help me spread the word. Also would love to swap buttons with you so feel free to upload one onto my sponsor page. Once I hit 200 we will have a celebratory giveaway!

And to think, I am sitting here super exhausted despite getting enough sleep. I have a busy weekend so there is no rest for the weary.
What you got going for the weekend?

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