Snowquesterin’ & Our First Look

This is our present situation in the DMV: Yet another excuse for Congress to not be working on this budget as the Snowquester moves into the area. Presently the snow is falling at a rate of 1-2″ per hour so nothing too major just yet. But where I live we are still “in waiting” of this snow storm.
Can’t complain though because I got that coveted email that every one in my Agency was waiting for: “Federal Government Offices are Closed”. 
Unfortunately, I popped right up at 4am to make sure that we were closed. 
Never again — it made me completely exhausted. 
Hubby is quite jealous sad because he has to report to work – it doesn’t help his cause that we lives like less then 10 mins away from his job. 
So what do you do when you have days like this?
You write about things that you haven’t shared before!
Our First Look on Wedding Day!
A first look is a moment captured on film where the bride and groom see each other for the first time that day. 
Sometimes its really hard to capture the moment of the Groom and Bride seeing each other for the first time when they walk down the aisle. 
A first look is another way to do that. 
We chose to forego tradition and do a first look because: 
1. We don’t really believe in luck when it comes to marriage. Its work. And we were in it for the long haul – whether we see each other now or at the church. 
We planned for our marriage just as extensively as we did our wedding. 
We even went to pre-marital counseling for about 3 months even before we got engaged to get prepared for “married life” and have had refreshers since. 
2. We paid to have great photographers and also had a late afternoon wedding – 
Something about the sunset intrigued me greatly. 
However, who wants to go into the church to come out and have to rush to take pictures because we were losing natural light. 
We wanted to make sure that after the wedding we would have family time more then taking pictures for hours. 
So here is how our afternoon went: 
All photos provided by JPIX Photography 
(some are from the raw proofs)
I had my Bridal Shoot earlier that afternoon and then hid up in my Suite until they said it was “safe” to come downstairs. 
Hubby was having his Groom shoot as I was getting off the elevator – and was told to wait until he made his way down the stairs. 
My Matron and Maids of Honor waited in the Lobby while the Grooms Men were standing by the Photog at the foot of the stairs trying to keep Hubby talking so that he would not turn around as he could hear my heels coming slowly down the stairs. 
I was focusing on not tripping on my train as my legs were kinda bound and I couldn’t really hold on to the hand rail.

Here I come!

He thought he was so cool – if he only knew what was about to happen.. 

I reached out and tapped him on his shoulder – 
He said “What are you doing here?!”
See. Clueless.

He is still asking – “Why didn’t you tell me?” 
I was cracking up probably because I was nervous but also because I pulled off a great surprise. 
I looked at him and he was shaking and looked like he was about to cry. 
He definitely was taken away- 
Something I would’ve never seen as I walked down the aisle. 

We got to have our own private moments and get all the nervous laughter out before our ceremony and I was so glad that they caught it all. 
We took a few posed pictures before heading to the church but definitely spent the morning while doing so telling each other how excited we were for the day. 

Honestly we made a bet as to who would cry at the ceremony, I said he would, but I lost… because little did I know he had a surprise of his own – 
He wrote a song for me and sang me down the aisle. 
He sang his heart out and I  cried. 
I just wanted to share just one more pic that we took that I just loved !
This one we took at our Reception Venue
This was when I took off my ceremony gown and
 put back on my reception dress just before the garter toss. 
If I could do all again – 
I would not change my mind about doing a First Look. 
It was so worth those moments. 

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2 thoughts on “Snowquesterin’ & Our First Look

  1. Faith says:

    We're suppose to get lots of snow too!

    I love your pictures! You looked stunning!! We did a first look too. It was actually one of my favorite parts of the day 🙂


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