The Friday Crazies

So if you will allow me to give you a dose of my weirdness –
  • I HAVE to sleep on a certain side of the bed or else I feel completely claustrophobic.
  • I also think about distance to safe places in case someone ever breaks into harm us and methods of escape, which are all factors into which side of the bed I sleep on (sorry boo.)
  • I work in law enforcement yet I do not like guns. Well, its not that I do not like them – its just that I am from a city that if you draw a weapon you better use it because more then likely they have one and will. You can’t cry wolf with a gun in Baltimore and you most certainly can not play chicken on bullets – so I try not to be around them. Blame it on my anger issues throughout my teenage years.
  • I can’t stand rubbing of my skin – like that soft patting stuff drives me up a wall like fingernails on a chalkboard. Speaking of which, I hate to get my nails buffed. Its like the worst thing to me that I have to bear down and close my eyes. It feels so odd to me.
  • I never wore make up in highschool and barely any to my prom and yet now, I love it. Add that to my late bloomer in box.
  • I’m 30 and still get carded because far too many people think I am 17 trying to sneak into a R-rated movie with my older boyfriend I guess.
  • I can never decide what I want from Starbucks but only drink McDonalds Coffee DAILY and choose between hot or cold versions of it. Do you know they have liquid sugar? – yeah I discovered that – its my cure all to not having to guess how many sugars I want before they serve me bitter coffee- its a fine line.
  • I am not very domestic – not out of incapability but sheerly on laziness and lack of a formed habit. Praying that changes when I become responsible for someone younger then myself.
  • And even with all of that and then some – Amos takes me and my ball of emotions that can go from 0 to 60 during certain times of the month and laughs at me then laughs with me. We definitely can’t take ourselves too seriously.
Perhaps next week – I will share some of his weirdness…
Now, since its Friday – there are letters to be written to my favorite people –
Dear present Sponsor Swappers, I love each of your blogs and I think that I will write up a post next week featuring it so that everyone else can know why I love them.
Dear Readers, you too can swap with me. Just click on the Sponsor page – because swapping won’t last forever and I want to spread the sunshine on your awesome blogs as well.
Dear Followers, welcome to the new followers. As I am inching closer to 200 – when we get to that celebratory point I definitely have some goodies that I want to giveaway. I am honestly honored that people read from time to time. I have never done paid sponsorship or giveaways on other sites and the fact that you stumbled here and felt it worthy to return back just to read about the ramblings of my life… I am thankful.
Dear Cosmetic Company, I can not wait to share with my readers who I will be distributing for and can not wait to offer them the opportunity to fall in love with you just as much as I love you! It’s really one of my dreams come true.
Dear Tyler Perry, OMG -the new movie Temptation and the invitation to come to the screening in Atlanta?? I mean please Lord let everything pan out so that we can attend. If not, its indeed the thought that counts!
Dear Hubby, the look on your face when I said I wanted to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Priceless.
Dear Mommy, I had so much fun with you – our very own girls day out. I love that as I get older we getting closer. Now, if you could only move back home sometime soon.
Dear Howard University, Happy Charter Day to my Alma Mater!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend –
This weekend will be filled with movies, make up, quick trip to New York and whatever else we can get in to!

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