If You Ask Me: MOS Magnetic Organizer System

Maybe its the Virgo tendencies in me, but the one thing that was driving me nuts about my new office desk was the fact that to conduct daily business, whether it’s on days where I work from home or need to do some work on my blog, there are times I needed several cords and had no where to place them neatly and organized without them being piled and gathered on the floor. 
The sight of those cords drove me so crazy, especially on days where I would have to vacuum and would try to avoid the cords.
Everything has to have a home in my book, but there is no cute or great way to house all my cords without my desk looking crazy.
Problem: My desk is glass – as soon as I unplug either my laptop or my cell phone, or disconnect my printer those cords hit the floor. 
Subsequent issue: having to constantly bend over under my desk to find whichever cord I needed next! especially the printer cable that connects my laptop to my laser printer thats placed under my desk.
Since my desk seems to be the “catch-all” these days, I was all but too excited to receive a request to try a product that would me keep all my unused cords in waiting all organized. 
If you ask me: This is how The MOS Magnetic Organizer System worked for me. 
This product comes in white, titanium and black to go with any decor that you may have at home. 
I was sent the Black MOS Magnetic Organization System to try out.

Each one comes with three colorful tabs that you tie around a cord that may not have enough metal parts to connect to the magnet in the base. 
My printer cable easily attaches to the MOS system : SCORE! 
My phone chargers needed some assistance, so I used the tabs that came with it. 
Its nice and flexible and really easy to have the ends meet so that the little magnets will now connect with the MOS Base. 
After using this product in real life for a few days, I came to realize that this was really a great product!
No more wires everywhere and sliding off my desk when I need it. 
Question to self: Will this be another thing thats going to slide off my desk as I stack things off to the side? 
Answer after trying the Product: The bottom of the MOS Organizer has a micro suction base. Wherever I put it down, is where it stayed. The other PLUS – I can attach it to my wall or even to the side of my desk. SCORE!
Now my all important printer cable is at hand whenever I need it – just sitting there waiting for me for when I come into my home office with my laptop. 
No more painful searching on the floor for it. 

And also one more step to an organized desk – 

So, If you ask me: This is a perfect product to get my Apple product obsessed husband as a great present for the next holiday. Wish I had this for Valentine’s Day, but now I have it in mind for the next moment – its a perfect gift for gadget loving people.
Perfect for my office and it may migrate to my bed side table to hold all of my phone charger cords. 
I really suggest you look into getting one for all of your organizational needs. 
Check out www.mosorganizer.com for more information.

This product was provided to me free of charge for exchange for a review- the opinions are truly my own and if you have any more questions please contact the manufacturer. 

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