Friday? Really?

I think because of the whirlwind I have been in this month with having an event to go to every weekend, I have been really in need of a day where I am not doing a single thing!
Today is THAT day. 
I had a great idea that I would like to clean and do some things around the house, but I am literally enjoying the slow pace of this day. 
Its like quiet time to not have my husband task me with things while he is at work. 
Trust me. He tried it but thankfully, I am feeling really tired and defiant right about now.
So, last night was the first run through of the Easter Production. 
Needless to say that also contributed to my exhaustion. 
We were like a non-stop train of make up once the call time for the cast began. 
The last show is Sunday night so I can do a recap on Monday.
I really think I need some Flintstone Vitamins or something. 
There simply is not enough energy for me to last throughout even a chill day to do anything I want to do. So perhaps that will be the one thing I go do today. 
Either who, 
Dear Hubby, you played so wonderfully last night. And boy were you nervous beforehand but like I told you – you did awesome. You got the ultimate compliment – compliments from the composer himself, Richard Smallwood. 
Dear Body, I think we can benefit from that Up bracelet from Jawbone – lets see if we can convince Amos to get us one of those – I would like to be more conscious of things I can do to get healthy. 
Dear Life, when you slow down, I can get to the grocery store and try some more fun recipes. 
Dear House, Its Spring Cleaning time! Apparently on the day that I was supposed to have off (Monday) my husband would like to plant flowers and seed the grass. Exactly why it may not always be a good thing that you are off on the same day of the week and another reason why I surprised him by taking a day off on a day that he had to work. 
Dear Rachel Ray, Don’t you want to just gift me your entire line of products? I’m just saying, I have a nice lovely bright kitchen that you can come add all those colorful products (can you tell thats what I am watching right now?)
Dear Mommy and Daddy, Can’t wait to see you Sunday! YAY!
And now… to take full advantage of this day. 
Have a great weekend everybody.

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