Snowy Palms and Productions

This is my present locale because this: 
is what it looks like outside of my house – Snow on a wonderful Spring Day?! 
And of course my agency is open so I am feverishly making sure that I am keeping up with what I am supposed to be doing. 
In the meantime, this is what I have been doing all weekend-
Easter Production entitled “King of Kings”
Per usual, you can find me in the make up department. 
2013 Make Up Department for Easter Production – having fun after the last show!
Nevermind my Christmas shirt – we had to wear black and that was the only shirt I had that I really didn’t care too much for in case I got stuff on me. 
And per usual, you find me trying on different specks while I play and have some fun behind the scenes. I feel like a school teacher in these — “Let me school you” LOL.
Well much like every production at my husband’s church, there is plenty of rehearsals. I usually come to Tech Week, which is the week leading up to the actual shows so that I can see the flow of the show and know how to pace myself and what looks we will need for the Production with the guidance of the Make Up Director. 
I posted a pic on Instagram of this young dancer, DJ – who by the way is an amazing 19 year old hip hop dancer that gives his all at every rehearsal and does it all while constantly giving credit to God while doing so. Well, last week after the first rehearsal of Tech Week, DJ was going home and got into a really bad car accident. He flipped his car several times and ran into a light post so hard that it split. He said that he blacked out and doesn’t remember the details but remembers that his car was smoking and literally thought that it was going to blow up and he feared he was going to die. But thankfully, someone saw him and helped him escape from his vehicle through his window and sat with him on the side of the road. The very next night – he was there. at rehearsal. alive. with nothing but a scratch on his finger and no aches in his body – still dancing for the Lord. 

Some of my favorite moments from the Production of course involved Amos –
During “Joy Night” there is a fill in for each of the invited Guest Artist so that they can watch the show and see how they are supposed to do it. 
Amos was filling in for Richard Smallwood. He was great!
Kudos from Richard himself.
The set design always amazes me. They literally built a huge boat for the disciples and Jesus to get into and move across the stage – mind you this is the pulpit of their church. 
Fog machines float fog across the floor of the stage so that you will not see the mechanics of the boat’s movement. 
Interestingly enough, this huge boat filled with 12 grown men was actually being pulled on a pulley by one man – one very tall, very big young man. Poor thing had hurting hands after 6 shows. 
Of course, after the last show just means that we can play in the boat like kids!
This is my friend, Tamika – the Make Up Director playing in that big boat. It gives you the scale of how huge that thing was!
Remember last week when I gave you a sneak peak at the practice make up: 
Here is a reminder – 
For the show we added a glitter eye piece and went with a neutral lip. 
It was so that from the stage along with the lighting the light would hit the glitter as these were the special dancers that represented the Angels.
It looked so good on camera and it was so good to see the final product come together.
Another look for this weekend was one that I practiced on myself – a glamourous demonic look. I am thankful that I didn’t have to really wear this mask, but it was definitely cool to try something different.
If we weren’t rushing trying to do cast make up, in down time we were practicing different looks on each other. My girl Vanessa did this leopard spot look on me. 
Grrrrrrrrrrr BABY!
My boo liked it , LOL. This must’ve been between the three shows we had on Saturday because once he starts working, I never get to see him. 
Then the other part of the job, getting called at a minute’s notice to come to a Guest Artists room because they need hair or make up because they came sans glam team. 
Me and Tamika to the rescue!
We were Shirley Ceasar’s Glam Team for the weekend, who by the way is hilariously sweet and we worked with Le’Andria Johnson as well. 
It’s one thing to see your look behind an office door in florescent lights, but its one thing to actually see it on a stage. We ran to the sanctuary to check on our work and we were so pleased! 
It’s a different eye to do stage make up because everything has to be exaggerated. 
I loved her spirit as well and she can SING! 
Of course the benefit of having guests is being able to meet them in person. 
We happened to run into David Mann, who is famous for being “Mr. Brown” in Tyler Perry plays and movies because his wife, Tamela Mann, who plays “Cora” in Tyler Perry Productions was a guest artist who sang her hit, “Take me to the King!”

We were thankful that we had a good run with the Easter Production. We only get a month or so to rest because now ideas are flowing for Christmas Production and auditions begin in July. 
I also got to see my mom on Sunday. 
She happened to come to Howard University, my alma mater to preach on Sunday!
It was so good being able to catch up with her and I loved her robe!

I hope that you had a wonderful Palm Sunday!

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