Did you miss me?
Ok… I know – wasn’t really gone long but it really felt like I was.

I have been trying to keep up, but time is speeding by! that or I actually have a lot more work to get done throughout the day.

I have been able to keep up with most of my blog reading thanks to the Bloglovin’ app on my phone.. (and no its not a shameless plus, or a sponsored one for that matter- its just what I do) so if you haven’t friended me just yet, do so by clicking that bright Hello Bar at the top of the screen (now THAT was a shameless plug).
Either who, where do I begin– well Easter I guess will have to do.
My pic above is about the best I could do as far as what I wore on Easter – just imagine a same colored pleated chiffon skirt that went to my ankles and a white blazer to go on top to cover the low cut scoop neck of the back of that shirt while I sat on the pulpit.
Hair and make up completely done by yours truly.
Tip: Flexi Rods and Katy Perry doublestacked False Lashes were the key to this look. And that swoop bang was an accident thanks to humidity and it being a rainy Easter. (but hey, sometimes your mistakes look the best! Now watch if I try to duplicate that, it won’t work)
And I know, I promise, I will do a lash tutorial – just know that my lash application is not the best and it actually made me late to church.
If you want someone who is extremely good at it, check out one of my fave make up artists on YouTube: NitraaB
After I went to my husbands church, we went to Red Lobster where my tired Minister of Music hubby endulged me since I had been plotting on LobsterFest since I had seen the commercial a couple of weeks ago.

Here he is leading his choir for praise and worship (I was sneaking this while I was on the pulpit).
Later on during Easter Monday, we decided that April would be our start to living healthy.
Sadly after back to back funerals, Amos’ nephew having surgery, his Bishop going in for Quadruple ByPass Surgery and then his Godfather/Uncle having a mild heart attack which led to an anuerism due to him hitting his head when he fell.. all within the month of March – umm… its a sign that we have to get heart healthy.
So to the gym we went!
Can I just say that I have been away too long… these grannies were dusting me on these machines.
I literally was trying to do as long or longer – lets just say, sadly she beat me.
Then we decided that it was a good idea to actually do some yard work because the grass was literally greener on the other side. We seeded our grass and the “common area” grass that bumps itself right up to our property line. Then we laid down “Black/Brown” Mulch around all our trees and gave them a good watering while we relaxed on our porch.
Speaking of Green – definitely broke open the Magic Bullet set that we got as a Wedding present almost 3 years ago. I decided for once that I wanted to try these green shakes and greek yogurt.
Let’s just say I am hooked!
To round out celebrating being Alive!
We celebrated with a good friend for his Birthday
Let’s just say a few close 20 or so friends were there. 
It was good to see them again because we hadn’t really gotten together since the Super Bowl. 
Oh and in regards to the office move: less stressful now that I am settled into my new space.
Its a little bigger then my single office with a door.
And although my back is to the door, I already had a mirror in my office so I have just positioned it so that I can literally see anyone who walks past me or even in the hallway.
I have a window, despite the view being a bit scary, but at least I can tell if its sunny outside.
Hope that you have had a great week!

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3 thoughts on “I’m ALIVE!

  1. Faith says:

    Hiii!! I missed you!

    I can tell that your Easter outfit was perfection!

    I haven't been to Red Lobster in the longest time. I miss their biscuits!

    Hehe, you're too funny! Grandma smoked you, haha.

    I completely need to make green drinks. Everyone in blog land appears to be going it.

    Sending prayers for your family for quick recoveries.

    Hope you're having a great week!


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