Weekend with Family

This weekend was an awesome, relaxing weekend with my family. 
My in laws came in town for a job fair that was going on in the DMV – 
I always love when they are in town. Its straight laughter and just relaxation most of the time. 
Apparently they needed to get away because this was the most sleep she was able to get. 
We made a bunch of Green Smoothies, like these: 
and we tried new flavors- 
I made a banana and peanut butter one, one with spinach, mango, peaches, oranges and bananas – it was so good!
Then it was time to go on a walk!
If I haven’t said before, we live on a Golf Course. 

Its a new development so the paths for walking aren’t complete so we cut through the Golf Course which is literally in the back yard at times. 
We were headed to the clubhouse because it just opened and we wanted to check out the new gym facility and the pool. 
Cutting through the Golf Course was a short cut. 
We thought that taking the paths that the golf carts use, we would be ok.. 
We started out pretty good – 
There were so many people playing Golf that day. 
This group in the photo below were so cool. 
We talked with them as they headed down the fairway. 
Sadly, one of them couldn’t play to save his life.
We stopped so he could hit the ball across the water – He hits the ball six inches to the left. 
On the next stroke he hit the ball straight into the water. 
I felt so bad for him that I couldn’t even laugh – we just kept walking.

That was until some older guy in a golf cart told us we were trespassing and that we would have to walk back the way we came. We were so confused. 
We so close to the street at this point where we were headed that we were like can’t we just keep going? First he said, No and pointed. 
Then he said, It looks like you really didn’t know, so you can keep going. 
Thank you kind sir. 
Well also over the weekend, 
My mom came to D.C. for the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast
She was honored to be asked by the President to preach for the Prayer Breakfast – 
of course I was beyond proud!

She said that she was nervous but I know that she did a great job!
Also, this weekend I have been preparing to go to The Make Up Show in New York. 
Going from Freelancer to Professional Make Up Artist – with professional discounts and what not.
Way too excited!

I have always done my own hair and have become a “weave-ologist” over the years and more recently on the last production I worked on, I did hair for our celebrity guests. 
Well, the dream is growing because in May, the Make Up show is coming and I had to put a Composite Card of my work together. 
If you or someone you know is in need of a make up artist, whether it be in the D.C. Metropolitan Area or even abroad – feel free to pass my information along. 
Vashti Make Up Artistry – email me at vashtijasmine@gmail.com 

It’s Spring, so break out the brighter colors!
Never take that bright color to your brow. 
Make sure to always blend with a neutral going dark to light up to the brow. 

My hooded eyes always cover up the color so I try to extend it a little beyond my lid and add a fun lash for a little natural drama.
And of course Sunday was my day for all of my Ratchet Reality Shows. 
What cracks me up is the text messages that I get from my mother and my sister. 
I love it because my sister lives in New York, but when we text back and forth while watching the same show, its like she is right here watching it with me.
Here is a conversation that my sister had with me while we watched the premier of The Sheards, this reality show that came out on Sunday: I was dying laughing at her and these GIFs she kept sending me. LOL.
Sister: “Can’t wait to watch this!!!!!! 
Can’t believe they even agreed to do this!”

Me: HAHAHA. Me Too!
S: We shall see about this!!
S: Oh She Never Got Married?!!
M: No Ma’am
(I am on the floor dying right about now at how she keeps replying with GIFs)
S: She is 25?! She talks like a baby!
M: Ma’am you are only two years older then her. 
S: I don’t act like a baby!
M: I didn’t say you did. 
S: I’m Grown!

M: I can’t with you!!!
M: I am going to give you a Blue Lip next time I do your make up.

M: You are a nut!
S: I have plenty more. 
S: I wouldn’t wife her either. Re: Baby moms

M: I agree, her driving off with the door open made her look straight dumb.
And THAT – was my weekend with my family!
How was yours?

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3 thoughts on “Weekend with Family

  1. Rekita Nicole | Her and Nicole says:

    oh lord, girl this post! lol!

    First the guy who said you were trespassing, really, its a golf course! i probably would have gone ratchet with my wobbly self, lol.

    Second, that is great about your mom, i am sure you were proud!

    third, those gifs, lol!!!

    Have a good week!



  2. ChoklatTea says:

    Catching up on your blog, this is hilarious. I love the convo & GIF exchange between you & your sister. The absolute BEST part, for me, is seeing my bro Q bka Funky Dineva (My HairIs Layed) as one of the GIFs in this convo. I'm over here rolling. Q & my little brother have been good friends since their days in college. He is a real character but your sister is STELLAR for this convo.

    Trespassing on the golf course? That Sir needs to have a seat!

    Congrats to your Mom! Congrats to you & loving the composite card.

    -ChoklatTea aka NatalieCeleste


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