Life is Filled with Swift Transitions

Today, Thank God it’s Friday.
Be thankful that you are here to see this Friday.
I got to work and found out that two coworkers did not make it to see this Friday. One of my coworkers actually passed away in the building last night a meeting while presenting information on how we partner with the community. He had a heart attack.
He passed away doing what he loved to do.
He wouldn’t retire last year like he was supposed to and was waiting until this December to do so.
So Today, Thank God it’s Friday.
There will come a time where you won’t see one.
Dear Hubby, I love you more then you know. Here’s to the best days being ahead of us and not behind us. God continues to open doors for your music to be heard across the nations. He continues to open doors for our family. I celebrate with you on your success. As well as thanks for being the driving force behind us getting more healthy. You have helped me cure my caffeine fix needs with these green smoothies and healthier eating.
Dear Mom and Dad, Can’t wait to see you soon. Although soon for us is always weeks away. Get some rest while you can.
Dear Sister, OMG you and these animated GIFs have me dying laughing. There’s one for every occasion apparently.
Dear Brother, I owe you a trip to an Orioles game. Let’s do that.
Dear Readers, Do something that makes you happy today. Don’t put off anything that will make you smile.

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