Babies & Sisters & New Looks, Oh My!

Did you notice the new look?
I am just trying to clean up the look a little bit on the blog. 
So it may change from time to time – let me know what you think?
This weekend we went to a co-ed Baby Shower for our good friends, The Johnsons that are expecting a Baby Boy next month. It was so good to be able to catch up with our friends in the Baltimore Area because it had been so long – well really since The Super Bowl. 
The men were the least bit interested in the Baby Shower games but kept each other occupied by running their mouth about music and God knows what. 

While the wives and one fiance racked up on all the prizes for winning the games. 
We had so much fun that we didn’t want the day to end so we just concocted a plan to convince the husbands to take us to the mall so we can walk around. 
Now grant it – 5 married couples don’t typically do this and we definitely looked like a bunch of tourists in our own city but it was the only place to walk around and catch up and laugh some more… 
That is until we got tired of walking around the huge mall. 
We decided to park it in Anthropologie and made it just like our very own living room. 
They were even serving snacks by the dressing room : strawberry water, popcorn and brownie bites.

Later on that night, I went out to dinner with my Line Sisters so we could celebrate our anniversary.
We went to this restaurant in Downtown Baltimore called Roy’s that serves Hawaiian Fusion. 

It was my first time there but I can honestly say it wasn’t too bad. 
It has servings the size of tapas but after all the food at the Baby Shower, it was just what I needed. 
I slept like a baby on the way home – luckily Amos has been quite amazing lately and decided to be my chauffeur that night. He decided he didn’t want to stick with the girls, so he went around the corner to eat at Brio. 
Sunday was College Sunday at my church. It was a time where were to represent our University and/or Sorority. Of course, since its my DELTAversary weekend, I had to represent the Sorority at church. 

We had so much fun with the young people – 
and of course we have to train up our church babies early. 

I even got to do one of my little sisters at church’s make up for the day. 
She is one of the leaders of the Young Adult ministry. Love her!

My weekend ended in relaxation in bed and some Chinese Food along with some Ratchet TV: anybody else see that foolishness of an episode of Married to Medicine?
Had to rest up before Workout Monday and more yard work.
Did you know that trying to get your grass to grow is not an easy process?!
Oh and of course the Cardinals are back – so I HAD to find a solution to prevent them for constantly flying into our window.
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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6 thoughts on “Babies & Sisters & New Looks, Oh My!

  1. Danielle says:

    I love the new hair! I want to be more adventurous with my hair and make-up but at the end of the day, I'm still just a plain Jane!

    Looks like you had a great weekend!


  2. Jasmine Hellogmsunshine says:

    Really just invite the significant others and just find them something to do while you play the usual baby shower games and open gifts. It gives the father of the baby some sense of his friends celebrating his baby with him too.


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