Welcome Friday

Well Hello There –
I feel like since I am helping to celebrate Nicole Pharr’s Blogiversary, I have gained a bunch of new people that have never been here before – so I would like to introduce myself and welcome all the new readers. So please, don’t be a stranger and say hey from time to time.
What do I Blog about here?
Simply put – My Life.
I don’t have a particular subject or niche, I write it about it all.. after all this is my life, therefore my blog. There could be so many things that happen from day to day or week to week over here.
See over there under my picture – it kind of gives you the run down on just SOME of the things that I am into and may write about. For a little bit more information about me, click the ABOUT tab (and all the other tabs for that matter)
Just some quick fun facts!
I am a Baltimore Ravens fan!
I am a die-hard fan and not a bandwagon fan because they won the Super Bowl last year. I am a Baltimore girl although I am now residing in the DC Metro area (The DMV as we call it – DC, MD and VA) and I have been a fan since the Cleveland Browns came to Baltimore and were named The Ravens.
But don’t get it twisted – I am not a sore loser or an aggressive fan. I am just a lover of Football and that’s my team.
I talk about this guy here a lot – his name is Amos. Don’t worry he doesn’t bite – unless…
well… that’s not for here but he is my husband. We are still newlyweds in my book. Been married now 2 years and about 9 months. We are building our lives together creating our own rules as we go along. 

I am a Freelance Make Up Artist and I love what I do – I truly love to paint faces and try new products. When I get the chance, I share tips and a few looks on this here Blog:
One thing I am trying to work on is how to capture on camera a false lash tutorial. Usually I take all my pics but it helps to put your lashes on with both hands …
I have a part-time pet named Arista. We call her part-time because she is my sisters Dog who lives in NYC but from time to time she may spend time with my parents in Texas and she lived with my husband and I here for about 18 months.
And yes she has her own IG page thanks to my sister.

Well, click through the Archives or popular posts– put your feet up and relax a while.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed yourselves – refreshments are in the back.


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4 thoughts on “Welcome Friday

  1. Cece says:

    How awesome that your dog has a instagram account. I bet Arista has more followers then me! And does the name Arista have to do with a certain Record label? I know you are singers in your family.


  2. brittany t says:

    Hi jasmine! you are so pretty & fashionable! I LOVE makeup as well! I can't get over how cute arista is and that she has her own instagram! haha. Nice to “meet” you! I was wondering how do you get clients to do makeup on? Friends & family?


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