Movies, Music, Migraines and Make up Monday

Well Hello…. 
I know you are wondering what in the world?! I have not been here in a week – and I have a good explanation. I totally wanted to recap my weekend last Monday but could not and you will see why. 
But first – 
Let me remind you, from this post what my weekend plans were. 
Now, here’s how it went down:
We went out to dinner last Friday for a good friends Birthday. 
Its always a great time to get together with the crew – it definitely means there will be plenty laughs and I absolutely love nights where my husband can hang with his friends and I can hang with mines at the same time. 
It was my first time eating at District Chop House. I can only give it a “Fair” – my steak was super fatty and I do believe there are better steakhouses in the District, but thats just my opinion. The cornbread and Onion Rings were great though. So perhaps this may be just a great place for appetizers while near downtown. 
Of course we had to document the moment – Notice Mrs. Johnson on the right – definitely out the house already after just having a baby and looking quite amazing! You go girl!. 

The Wives

The Husbands (and a few friends) – the Birthday Boy is the one in the middle holding up the 3-0. LOL
(this also reminds me – I NEED to get my cameras back out of storage – these are horrible iPhone photos)
Are we the only ones that say our “Good-Bye’s” as we get up from the dinner table, as we gather in the restaurant and then gather again outside for like another 30 minutes outside until someone decides to leave thus breaking up the pack. We can never leave any where quickly. 
This of course was AFTER they decided to break out in random song on the sidewalk. 
We (the wives) just stand around and laugh at how funny it can be at times – its the life of a musician wife. It really comes with the territory – they will entertain people.. anywhere!

Saturday it was ALL about Iron Man 3. 
This little guy knew what time it was. Luckily for him this outfit doesn’t come in my husbands size because he totally wished that he would’ve worn an outfit like that to the movie as well. He was super excited. Of course, Iron Man 3 did not disappoint – so I am glad that we got the chance to see it. 

Sunday morning, I was up at 4 a.m. to head out to New York for the Make Up Show. 
A quick little road trip with my fellow make up artists – we had snacks and blankets for the ride up. 
Of course I was expecting to sleep the whole way – Unfortunately, no such thing happened. We were up talking and laughing and snacking the WHOLE way.

We got to New York just about 8:45am – just in time to park the car and be near the front of the line for when the doors opened to the show. 

The goal for us attending the Make Up Show was to learn a few techniques – 

See whats the new trend for the season – 

Meet and Network with some Celebrity Make Up Artists like Sam Fine, pictured below – he is the Master Make Up Artist for Women of Color. 

And of course – to shop til’ we drop with HUGE discounts!
They were definitely ready to go – all that with no real breakfast was not a good idea. 

So here is where I have been all week since returning from New York!
In the spirit of keeping it real, I have literally been in my bed suffering from severe migraines. 
I had to go to the Doctor twice and was on two really strong narcotics just to still have to get through not having pain. 
It didn’t go away immediately. I got meds on Monday- you take one, it puts you to sleep, you are shocked out of your nap because the pain is back exactly at the 4 hour mark for you to take another pill that puts you back to sleep. 
I couldn’t go to work at all this past week, I couldn’t drive, couldn’t stand without being in instant pain and becoming dizzy… It was simply horrible.
By Thursday, my husband convinced me to get out of the house and go with him to a concert.
I thought I was managing the pain pretty good and took a pill before I left and it wasn’t making me as comatose as it used to – so we headed out.
The Concert was the McDonald’s Gospel Tour – 

It was an amazing concert, but I definitely could not fully function so we had to leave before it was over. But at least I tried. 
By Sunday, I was back! Pain and Medication Free!

Hope you had a Wonderful Week!

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2 thoughts on “Movies, Music, Migraines and Make up Monday

  1. Cece says:

    It's the whole group thing. People in groups can never do anything quickly. I can't tell you how many times I've been standing with a group supposedly not knowing what we are waiting for only to find out we are waiting for so and so and then it turns out that so and so is long gone and we were all just milling around for nothing. LOL. I've never had a migraine. Sounds just awful!


  2. Faith says:

    haha, i know exactly what you're talking about … saying goodbye for 30 minutes + … haha, it is what happens when you are in good company. you don't want the night to end.

    your migraine sounds awful. i hate not being myself so much. glad to hear you're doing better!

    i heard that the 3rd iron man was the best … do you agree?


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