Friday – got Nothing!

Yes this is what my office looks like… Yes I make ignorant signs to keep people from meddling
After I was out of work for a week, I have been doing lots of catch up at work this week. 
Luckily a great portion of my caseload was covered while I was gone. 
I did discover a whole box of files that I didn’t expect though so the most of my days will be spent organizing and filing. 
Oh how I wish I could hire my own intern. 
I just need a bored teenager to come and hole punch and collate. 
Either who, I for once have nothing planned for the weekend. 
I am sure we may go see a movie, but we may not do anything this weekend. 
It’s a go with the flow kinda weekend.
I thought about how I really didn’t have much to blog about this week – I guess its the calm before the storm because I swear we always have something going on. 
This morning I was entertained by my husband who loves to put on dramatic presentations – literally I live with a drama king.
Oh wait, I just remembered my parents will be here this weekend – that will be something. 
They will be home every weekend this month and its mommy’s birthday during Memorial Day Weekend – so in a few short days there will be much to celebrate. 
Sorry this was literally a random stream of thought – its all I got on this here Friday.
Oh you best believe, I will be sneaking away to get a Powerball ticket! Good luck!
Honestly, I think my brain is fried from the Scandal Season Finale!
Anyone else?

Hope you enjoy your weekend. 

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One thought on “Friday – got Nothing!

  1. TJ says:

    I played the PowerBall, too. Actually, it's my first time ever playing. My hubby and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary, so I bought him five tickets to keep with the theme of “paper” for our 1st anniversary.

    And Scandal . . . I can't. I'm still reliving that “Dad?!?” moment over and over in my head.

    Have a great weekend!


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