What having no plans for the Weekend gets Me

I’ve been such a space cadet lately. I meant to recap my weekend on Monday. It’s now Wednesday – oh well.
I started off not having a whole lot of plans for the weekend, which then morphed into having so many plans it kind of made me tired and unmotivated to do anything else for the next few days.
I have always wanted to share my stories of getting a Dominican Press.
In the spirit of keeping it real – ladies like myself who are “natural” (relaxer free) at times will go get their hair pressed out by Domincan women because for some reason the combination of rollers and the heat from their blow dryer gives ethnic hair the perfect blow out.
Sadly, it is a well known fact that Domincans do NOT know how to style hair – so expect to leave less then enthusiastic with your new ‘do and always carve out some time to go home before you have to go somewhere after getting your hair pressed.
Case in point:
This was post-rollers about to get blown out-
I then said, just give me big curls. I left looking like this – “thanks lady”… my face says it all.

Went home, wrapped my hair and thankfully had some body and bounce with my fresh press and I was a happy camper. The only downside is this rainy weather we keep having. Rain and Natural hair do not mix! I was praying the whole day that my hair didn’t revert to curly.

On Sunday, a street in Baltimore was named after my Great-Grandmother.
It was such an exciting time for our family.
Special thanks to our sorors of Delta Sigma Theta, Baltimore Area chapters for making this happen.

Me and my little cousin Paige

Me and my cousin Qiana holding the Proclamation that was written in Great Grandmothers honor

The rope broke when they tried to pull the sign cover down so my Cousin sean had to be hoisted up there to take it down

My mother (center), and her 1st cousins, Rev. Marie (left) and Rev. Toni (right)

All my family that was there.

Also this weekend, we attended a co-ed baby shower for our good friends and neighbors who expecting their second little boy.
We really had a great time and V did an awesome job with her Baby Shower decorations and putting together that awesome candy and cookie bar.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
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2 thoughts on “What having no plans for the Weekend gets Me

  1. Danielle says:

    I have never stepped foot in a Dominican salon for that exact reason…I need to look fabulous when I leave! I don't want to have to go home and do anything to it! I am not natural and only considered it for 2.5 seconds! I love the straight hair don't care look!


  2. Carissa G says:

    This is how I look after going to the salon my mom goes to…the lady leaves your hair feeling great but most of the time it's curled too tight so I go home and do the same thing….I don't mind it though! She can do short hair but long hair I don't know what goes on!!!

    How cool is the street name!! We have some in Alabama named after family so I know it gives you great pride!!!

    That baby shower cake is too cute, oh and your makeup it HOT!!!!


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