Holiday Family, Fun & Surprises

SO – yesterday we celebrated my mother’s birthday along with Memorial Day. 
Today is her actual birthday: Happy Birthday MOM!
My parents are rarely in town during her birthday so we wanted to make it super special. 
We gave my mother her first Pandora bracelet and she was so excited she has been texting me since she left about how much she loves it and how she can’t wait to add even more charms to it. 
So yesterday was filled with family, lots of fun and laughs and definitely some surprises. 
Here’s the back story to the surprises:

April 9, 2013 – 4:41p.m.
I have to write this now because I want to remember exactly what I am feeling right now.
I truly think I am pregnant.
I am so scared – like terrified. I could’ve verified whether or not I am pregnant by now and in the past have taken numerous tests by this point, which by the way – I am two days late (17 days past ovulation). I have just had so much hope in the past (not to mention have been late before) and SO many symptoms that I am truly hoping that I am right instead of easily taking that test and seeing that blank stick of negative per usual taunting me.
Why now though?
Well, it started a few days ago.
I guess I should say that in the MANY MANY months that I have been trying to get pregnant, I have been looking for that tale tell sign that I heard so much about- that “take your breath away” type of cramps (implantation, round ligament pains, etc.).
Either way, a few days ago… that happened and has continued to happen for the last five days or so.
I am trying to play it so cool at home, but I complain about my stomach hurting so much that my husband even said “its because you’re pregnant”.
I only hate that he senses something is up because I always dreamt of surprising him with some special way to tell him that I was pregnant, which is also the reason why I haven’t tested because if I test while he is home and its positive, I really will not be able to contain my emotions.
So yes, with sore boobs and cramps galore among so many other things.
Today. I can finally say.
I think I am Pregnant.
It is so funny to me, because if it happens to be the case I know exactly when we conceived. It was on the last night of Easter Production. The show closed. I packed up my make up gear and one of our married friends from the cast came to visit and said jokingly “oh you look so pretty, he is going to take you home and y’all are going to make babies.” She has such a sweet spirit and when I say truly anointed because I said if in fact that happens, I shall call you prophetess – joking because for the most part no in our real lives know our situation. (re: unexplained infertility)
Leave it to me to believe her none because I told you that I went to go see a new fertility specialist this month and even began genetic testing.
I called my insurance company, got the pre-approval and even travelled to a different state to get a second opinion. She suggested that instead of pills that I used to be on, that I take a more aggressive approach and do straight injections followed by insemination.
I had hoped that I would not be needed her services, but I wanted to have a plan in place.
So, here I am a little over a week later….
I am really hoping I am not jinxing myself by even hoping and reading too much into how I feel, but you have to understand this is something that we have been praying for and trying for the last 2 years and 8 months to the day.
God please let this be the answer to my prayers.
“For this child, I have prayed…”
 April 10, 2013 – 11:22 a.m.
So yesterday, I came home from work around 7:30pm. The weather was amazing! The entire neighborhood was out walking and taking advantage of the weather. Amos was still at the gym. I am sure that I am getting on his nerves texting him about when he was coming home.
As soon as I pull up to my house, my neighbor and my neighbor/co-worker were standing outside watching their children play together – ironically the kids happen to be cousins.
Either who, I caught up with my co-worker who is expecting and complimented her on how cute she looked preggers and then wished her luck as she was going to be finding out the gender of her baby on Monday.
It was time to water the lawn, but I couldn’t get out of my head all these thoughts about how my body is feeling and how it feels just different then any other time.
I finally convinced myself t that it was time to take a pregnancy test.
At this point, the results would not change one way or the other.
So I bit the bullet, went in the house and took the test.
I took the test and watched the dye cross the test. I said “OMG I am pregnant… and was in a way saying it like I didn’t believe it, slightly wishing it to come to true and at the same time noticed that the first line never faded. I hopped up and said Oh.My.GOD. I. AM. PREGNANT!
Immediately I was in shock. I kept saying it out loud until it hit me:
“Oh My God, I am Pregnant!”
I stood at the sink staring at the undeniable two pink lines.
Then I cried and I worshipped.
I promised God if he answered my prayer that I would be so thankful and immediately thankful I was. I cried and cried and was in shock and worshipped God just for how amazing he is!
And took a digital pregnancy test so that there was no question. I was even nervous even taking that test. But sure enough, less then a minute it read: PREGNANT.
I had to calm myself down…
Now, how to tell my husband.
I kept texting him – “Are you done at the gym?”
He I’m sure was annoyed at this point.
I said “Just let me know when you are on the way”
I headed to Target to find something cute.
I found this card:

SO then, I waited for him to come home.
I placed it up on the kitchen counter because I knew he would come home wanting to juice.
So as soon as he comes home, he says “Babe, Your husband has a lot on his plate.”
I am thinking “Oh God, this may not be the right time to tell him anything that may take him out of here.”
So he gets to telling me the rundown of his day.
So then I said to him, “I got you something to motivate you to tell you keep up the good work since you have been doing so good lately.”
He said, “Let me make my smoothie first”
I said, “No, open it now. You know how I am. I have been dying to see your face.”
So he opens the card…
And he smiles at the cover of the card
then face goes blank as he reads the inside of the card.
I say “are you ok?”
He bends over and cries.
I was so happy to see that he was just as in shock and had the same reaction I did.
It settled in as the night went on.
My sister knew first and in our new traditional fashion we communicated through texting animated GIFs. 
Me: Hey sis, I have some news for you.. So… found out that I am pregnant! 
You’re going to be an Auntie! 
Sis: OMG! Are you SURE?!
Me: YUP!
I am dropping it likes its hot in Harlem!
Me: OMG you are crazy. 
Sis: The boy (her Boyfriend) just asked why am I moving like that in Harlem. I HAD to tell him your news. But he is the only one ok. 
Me: Sure. 
Sis: This is you and Amos. 


Then we tried to call my parents but the phones were acting crazy.
So we called my sister in law first.
Amos told her to go somewhere where she is by herself.
She goes to the garage.
We are making small talk, talking about their other sisters birthday party in New York next month and our nephews surgery that’s coming up.
Then Amos says “Jasmine has something to tell you.”
I literally said “I’m…”
And she started SCREAMING “THANK YOU JESUS!!!!”
I was cracking up! I swear this is exactly how she looked in my head based in her reaction. 
After she calmed down she prayed for us and covered our baby in prayer.
 Did I tell you that they have been waiting for their baby brother to have a baby since we got married almost three years ago and have been asking on a regular basis?
Later that night, my mom calls my husbands phone back.
We told her that we have something to tell her.
I teased her by saying that we did our taxes.
Then said “Oh and we are expecting.”
She says “Awww… you’re pregnant.”
My mom sounded like she was SO happy.
I wish I could’ve seen her face.
In my head THIS is what she looked like, but was playing it cool since its still early. 
She was away at a Leadership Retreat with her Presiding Elders.
She told the Elders, get two things that you want God to work on while you are here.
She said one of her two things were “Speak life into my children’s lives”
She said “Our calling today was God answering her prayer.”
Of course I am fighting back all kinds of tears.
This will be my parents first grandbaby.
I told my mom, who you know is super busy to clear her calendar after Thanksgiving through December. She says “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Heaven and Hell can pass away and I wouldn’t miss this for the world!”
So.. as you can imagine, we are so excited.

I was going to share next week but after being outted by one excited grandmother-to-be at a mega church in the area and to those who were watching online like myself, I figured everyone will soon know so why not tell them in my own way. 
Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.

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9 thoughts on “Holiday Family, Fun & Surprises

  1. Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. says:

    SCREAMING TO THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Y'ALL! Jasmine!!! I'm so happy for you, can't nobody tell me we don't serve an awesome God girl, this amongst many things says, GOD is able, and that his timing is ALWAYS perfect!!!! Now I'm looking forward to the pictures of the gender reveal/baby shower, I'm sure it's going to be fabulous, because you guys seems to be pretty awesome folks 🙂 Sending MAJOR blogger hugs your way-xxxx


  2. Danielle says:

    EEEEK! We're both out of the pregnancy closet! Whew, it was starting to get hot in there, and m belly was starting to bloat (ha)! Congratulations my friend!


  3. Veronica-Carol Brailsford says:

    Wow Jasmine!!! I'm so excited for your whole family. I'm tearing up over here like it's personal lol. God is A-mazing and I'm so glad that “the line is moving” and it's your turn! You give hope to women praying and waiting and you've done it with such grace and good humor. Thank you for your testimony and transparency. I'm praying you enjoy this time and continue to share every memory with us. Congratulations and shout crazy! Baby Saint-Jean is on the way!!! Yeeeeees!!!!!!!


  4. Courtney says:

    Oh, I couldnt be happier for you guys and I knew when I saw the title that I was PRAYING u were going to announce you are preggo!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!! I am due at the end of September! We can share preggo stories!!!! So happy for you and covering ur baby and family in prayer!


  5. nichelle says:

    I'm a new reader…Just wanted to say I am very very happy for you…I cried tears of joy for you because I read in your old blog entries about how much you wanted this blessing. God bless you, your hubby, and your soon-coming mini-me! 🙂


  6. Cece says:

    I'm soooo happy for you! I know you have been wanting this forever. I guess the time was finally right and it was in the plan for you to struggle and fight for this kid the way you did.


  7. Faith says:

    Is it strange that tears are welled up in my eyes? I feel so happy for you. This was the best announcement ever! Really love all the GIFs and the way your family responded :). Especially hubby crying. Gave me chills.


  8. A*E* says:

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I literally cried as I read this post! Congratulations! God is soo faithful! Praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby!


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