Man, we are so overwhelmed with how many people responded with congrats and well wishes since we made our great announcement yesterday.

So as you can imagine, I have so many posts that I have been saving that I have been wanting to share.

So, over the next few days you can see what we have been up to these last 12 weeks or so.

April 11, 2013 – 9:35 p.m.

So, yeah that whole keeping it a secret for the next 3 months went out the window. My excited first time daddy done told his office staff and his choirs and his bands. Grant it, I get why – sadly, a close friend of ours lost their first baby at 22 weeks the very next day after we found out we were expecting. It just weighs so heavy on my husbands mind that telling people allows us to solicit so many more prayers for our little sunshine. 
That doesn’t mean that I don’t get to tease him greatly. 
Amos went to a birthday dinner, while I stayed home to relax because since I suspected I was pregnant I have been dealing with some really strong “growing pain” cramps. 
So what better time then to put my feet up, take my prenatals and drink my water. 
In other news, 
Today was my first OB appt. 
Met with Dr. Dunham today – she was really nice and asked all of questions.
She described what happened to me as a “spontaneous pregnancy” in between fertility treatments because we conceived naturally.
It was a fairly simple appointment to just confirm pregnancy. 
I got my blood taken and my next two appointments – the next in 4 weeks for more blood work. 
Also I got the appointment for my first sonogram – May 30th!
I get to see my little sunshine then. 
Trust me its going to be super tough, feeling the growth but not being able to see. 
I wish it was sooner but I will be patient. 
Luckily, my parents will actually be in town from Dallas so they will get to be here for that part. I am sure my sister may come down from New York. They are so excited for the first grandbaby.
My husbands family is equally excited because he is the baby of the family and they haven’t had a baby in the family in a while. 
Well, thats about it for now… out of no where my stomach is starting to kill me greatly.

April 12, 2013 – 12:08 p.m.

Today, I used the first “you’re baby wants…” on Amos.
Honestly, I just did it to see his reaction. Even if it were just me asking, I am sure he would’ve still made me a smoothie just because he is sweet when he wants to.

I go to bed so early now. But I never sleep through the night.
I woke up at 1 a.m. just because I was hungry and hot.
I stayed for quite a bit watching Jimmy Fallon.
Still, I get up at my normal time and never tired.
So that’s been the bonus.

Amos wants to take me to the movies around 10 tonight. I really hope that I can stay awake for it.


Well, I did it – I stayed awake.
Definitely went to bathroom in the 15 mins twice before the movie even started though. Welp, guess that makes it official.
We saw 42 – The Jackie Robinson Story
To have to go through what he went through as a Black Man is so honorable.

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