7 Weeks Pregnant Update

April 23, 2013
6 weeks 3 days
So today I can honestly say that this Pregnancy has been a blessing in more ways then one. Like I really feel like God was listening to me through all those years of specific pregnancy prayers. I can say that so far, I have had minimal pregnancy symptoms. So much so that I took a pregnancy test just to make sure I was still pregnant because I feel so normal.
And yes, it was still VERY positive.
I am still able to hide it at work but a few more people know at church. So far everyone we have told has been so happy and borderline ecstatic for us. We never really spoke in conversations with people about our previous infertility struggles. People figured we were just that couple that planned everything out and was waiting for us to start having children.
Trust, we were waiting, but we were waiting more on God’s timing for us to have children.
It was tough being harassed on a consistent basis by people who just wanted to see me with children to benefit to them, its just that’s what they thought would be the swift thing to do since we got married. I am glad that it happened when it did because it gives us more of a sensibility about it all and less overwhelmed with marriage and baby adjustments.
So how do I feel today: Hopeful.
Trying to curb my boredom and impatience because I have a good 33 weeks ahead of me.
I am going to take advantage of these next 6 weeks because I know come 2nd Trimester it will be full steam ahead planning and 3rd Trimester will be implementation of plans and rest.
What I do find to be cool is that as time is passing, I am finding out that several other people I know are also pregnant. Its going to be fun being able to experience this with them and raise our babies together. I wonder who’s next? because I know I am not the last.
April 26, 2013
This week my favorite meals have been : EVERYTHING
Increased Appetite has definitely kicked in. 
Becoming my go-to food is : Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Due to all the sinus aches, its really helping with my sore throats and a cold compress is helping with the pain I feel in my nose. 
My back up go-to food has been Papa John’s Pizza – but when they take too long to deliver then I feel straight horrible. You my dear raspberry sized babe do not like to wait for food. When you are hungry you are definitely hungry. 
Becoming anxious and wish I had a see-through uterus. 
Next Doctor’s Appointment is at 8 weeks. 
Amos has been a real source of entertainment – he refuses to read any baby books and really just wants to learn as we go along, but he hilariously asked me “so when does the baby start kicking?” I said your baby doesn’t even have legs yet, you have a while. Poor thing. LOL
Then he asked me, so when will the baby get really big then. I had to tell him it won’t be until much later. I think he just realized that these days go by so slow and that it really will be like watching paint dry during this first trimester.
May 1, 2013 – 
7 weeks 4 Days
I can no longer say NO Morning Sickness
Boy that thing hits you like none other because for me it didn’t happen any where near the morning. 
Maybe my body thought that it was the morning because I had just taken a nap when I had gotten home from work. I decided that I would eat my go-to food: Chicken Pot Pie Soup. 
Yeah literally within the second that I finished my last bite,  it decided that it wanted to come right back up – thank God I still had the bowl in my hand. 
Now what do I eat? 
I am scared to eat anything. 
Maybe I will try a bowl of cheese grits for dinner – although maybe I should stay away from dairy. 
In other news, today was the first day that I had to call the Doctor. 
I felt like I am catching a cold and wanted to know what medicines they deemed to be safe. 
I described my symptoms to Nurse Myra and she was so nice to me. She said “you could have a spring cold, but it could just be baby.” She said when you are pregnant it can make your body feel like you have a cold. She did tell me what I could take but said I would probably feel better if I drank plenty of water. 
I grabbed the nearest bottle of water and chugged away – felt better immediately. 
Thanks Nurse Myra.
Today we are 12 weeks entering week 13.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
I promise I will be documenting other things besides my pregnancy, but I just have 12 weeks of posts that I have saved so bare with me over the next week or so.
Thanks so much for all the congrats and well wishes. We are truly grateful to be living this miracle.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “7 Weeks Pregnant Update

  1. Eloquent Obi says:

    thank you for sharing. i get it with having to take a test again to make sure all is still ok especially when i am sure you have heard that you are always sick when preggo from day one! love the updates and continued blessings!


  2. Faith says:

    Omg!! I just read this! I'm so happy and excited for you! I know how long you've been wanting this. God is so good! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!


  3. Ashley Chapman says:

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    Thanks so much.

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