WHAT?! Today’s Randoms


So lately, I have been really feeling like its such a struggle to blog. It’s not so much that there are a lack of things to blog about because I have so many deep thoughts and past memories and present projects that I could post about it – except there is zero motivation.
I get it.
Pregnancy has slowed me all the way down.
If I wasn’t lazy before, I sure am now.
If I wasn’t tired before, I sure am now.
I can’t go to the movies past 10pm. I have to plan out road trips based on how long I think I can sit in the car and how long we would be gone before I could get a nap.
I call this my “hibernation mode” because I am sure, like I have heard – the energy will come and then “nesting” will begin and I will have plenty of things to share about my home and its preparations.
In all honesty though, my days are blah!
At least until July – then conferences and doctors visits pick up.
Speaking of which, I will be 16 weeks tomm… I know, I have to edit my bump pictures, but trust me – you are missing nothing! I have people still at work that have absolutely no idea that I am expecting and I see them every day. People are church are still JUST finding out.
I like it that way and at the same time, its exhausting because in my mind I feel like the weeks are going by so slow and this is old news now.
But because I am only showing when I eat and only waddle when my Sciatica is flaring up then I get the smart comments from folk saying “you just found out you were pregnant, it can’t be that bad.” I then turn into hormonal pregnant woman and snap them a quick response. If you had a glimpse that I was mouthy before, just you brace yourself now.
One lady literally told me that on Sunday and I had to quip back at her “YOU just found out I was pregnant, I found out 4 months ago, so umm yeah unless you are feeling the sharp pains I am feeling down the center of my back and through my left butt cheek, I suggest you keep that opinion to yourself.” She gave me “OH” face. mmhmm….
Perhaps I am just snappy because I can’t even do the thing that I love at barely 4 months and that is walk around the mall. I LOVE to shop and I LOVE to window shop. I can barely make it down one stretch of hall from one anchor store to the next. When my parents went shopping with me last week, I had to literally take a break from walking and then asked my dad to bring the car from the Dept store we parked at to the Dept Store we ended up at because I just could not walk all the way down the hallway. Major heartbreak!
So what HAVE I been up to?
Laughing at my coworker when she shows up to work in outrageous outfits like this.
Checking out new Dream Cars with Amos…
Our new favorite : The Tesla
This electric car is AMAZING!
Trying to fake like I am happy and pain-free…
When I really feel like this.
Getting SUPER anxious about finding out the gender of our baby.
I still say Girl.
He totally wants a Boy.

And loathing the addition of video to Instagram and unfollowing people who don’t use discretion or moderation. Its just too much to post 31 videos back to back. Its 15 seconds, not a reality show camera. No one cares that much!
These are just my randoms for the day.
I have also been enjoying reading a lot of your blogs so just know that mostly your blog is the highlight of my day – the one thing I still enjoy.
(although clearing my unread posts in Bloglovin’ is becoming a daily chore)

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Friday Shenanigans

I have mentally checked out of work already for the week… so getting through Friday will be super tough. So I figured I would share with you what I am currently doing…  

Currently:Drinking: Still addicted to ice cold Canada Dry Giner Ale’s and Coffee “flavored” ice drinks.Eating: Craving Ramen Noodles and Italian Foods still.Feeling: Easily irritable and yet in a good mood – it switches like night and day these days. Also, starting to feel the baby so that has been an interesting discovery these days.Surprised: At how many other people are pregnant with me.Happy: That my neighbor seems to be going into labor and the little one is on the way.Relieved: That the Miami Heat won! My husband needed that boost for sure!Anxious: About knowing what the sex of the baby is.Planning: for Delta Sigma Theta’s National Convention where 40,000 people have registered and many more will show up in D.C. It’s going to be CRAZY! 20 days and counting. (just pray I can walk around without pain. The Jury Is Still Out On These Things:

  • On Paula Deen – especially after thinking it was a good idea to hire black men to dress like they did when they were house slaves to serve at her wedding? Ma’am D’jango was a movie, not a bright idea in this day and age!
  • I just don’t believe that Kanye and Kim thought it was a bright idea to name their daughter North. I am not believing that one at all.
  • Do I really want a Maternity Shoot: I mean am I really going to put up pictures in my house of me at my heaviest and in my mind the least attractive season?
  • Am I really going complete the nursery, when I am really thinking that the baby’s crib will be in our room for the majority of the first year?
  • So, am I really going to be handle my house becoming a “kid zone?”

And now for your viewing pleasure the finale of the Baby Bachelor. Have a Great Weekend 

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The Last "pre-baby" Father’s Day Weekend

The weekend started off with Amos having to play keys for his friend, Kenny Kolhaas at the Arts Festival in Columbia, MD. It was a beautiful day, just a little too hot for me to sit out on the grass with the people who had come to hang out and hear some good music. I parked it backstage and listened to the 75 min set while eating fries and a large sweet tea. 

Then we headed to my mom’s Maryland house to change our clothes and head to a birthday party for my good friend Erica’s 35th birthday.
The attire was black and white- so I had to make a quick dash to find something that I could fit and that was black and white because one thing about me: its rare that I buy black or white clothing. Its so boring to me.
You can even get the chance to see the little belly starting to show at 14 weeks- must’ve been some good fries. I swear my belly only looks big after I eat.

When we planned our Wedding, it was convenient that our Anniversary was a month before our Birthdays because we didn’t want to have to get each other so many gifts towards the end of the year. Little did we remember that when we have children, not only do you have the expense of a new child, but you gain two new holidays that you are supposed to spend money on: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Mother’s Day was spent celebrating with my mother because its also a few weeks before her birthday. This Father’s Day was the last pre-baby Father’s Day we had, so I wanted to make it special for Amos. So I took him to The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Downtown, DC. The food was amazing! as you can see written all over my goofy husbands face.  

To end the evening, we ordered Baked Alaska, but only because I had just seen a special on the food network explaining how this dish was created: it was made by this chef in order to celebrate the United States’ purchase of Alaska. Its a Brownie that is topped with Ice Cream and then covered in Meringue which serves as an insulator when they bake it.
Except at The Oceanaire, they pour flaming liquer all over the Meringue and thats what “Bakes” the Baked Alaska.

It was so cool to watch your dessert be lit on fire right at your table – it definitely got the attention of the people sitting around us. I was like a kid in a candy store.
I even told the waiter the little history lesson about the dessert and he told me, “thats funny because Ms. Sarah Palin was in here last night and she ordered the Baked Alaska as well.” go figure.
These days we sit around and day dream about what this time next year will be like.
We still go out to late movies (we went to Superman and didn’t get out until 1am. I had to tell Amos that it would be the LAST late movie this pregnancy, so do not ask) and dinners with just the two of us – and then we decided that we would do one nice thing that we can do as a couple once a month for the two of us, leading up to baby.
First thing on my list is massages for the both of us!
Afterall, this time next year we will have a 6 month old with us at the dinner table trying to figure out when we can go eat while baby is sleeping.

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Lovin’ my New Look!

With this new journey into mommy-hood, I decided that it was time for a new look. 
Except what I wanted was far beyond the reach of my understanding of blogger and html codes. 
However, in my love of reading other blogs, I have been a fan (don’t want to sound like a stalker) reader of a wonderful woman named Rekita’s Blog. 
Her personality shines so much through her blog that I had to write her and tell her that if I were to ever meet her in real life, I know that we would totally hit it off. 
She’s become a great blog friend.
Through answering countless “how do I?” emails, Rekita has redesigned my entire site — mind you all while being an awesome army wife, raising two boys and pregnant with her soon to be daughter. (and she makes it all look wonderful while keeping it real). 
Please take a moment to check out her blog, like, follow and fall in love just like I did. 🙂
Just click the name of her blog or her picture and it will take you right there.
A million times thank you Rekita!
Now put your feet up if you can. 

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13 Weeks and Friday’s Letters

I guess I got a little behind because today I am 14 weeks and 1 day. But thats ok. 
This past week I had been dealing with Coccyx Pain (pain in my back and booty) that I have been trying a bunch of home remedies for. 
I still have meat aversions sometimes – I guess it truly depends on if the meat gives off an odor. 
I tried to eat a childhood favorite: Scrapple, Egg and Cheese sandwich with grape jelly. 
I dont really care for eggs, but I have been able to eat them… 
Halfway through breakfast – baby did not like it. 
Thankfully nothing came up just that whole, I am about to lose my breakfast heave. 
I took that as my cue to stop eating it. 
Decided to eat a bowl of grits instead. 
Its a shame because that sandwich was so good. 
I have also been craving, seasoned perfectly, garlicky Spaghetti. 
Since the whole meat aversion thing, I have to cook it in phases.
Latest Quick Stats:
Weight: -1 from start weight since last doctors visit.
Clothing: Still not in Maternity Clothing.
Belly: Only showing when I eat a pretty big meal.
Rings: On
Cravings: Italian Food
Missing: Cold glass of white wine after those days where I wanted to scream my offender’s head off!
Now my Friday’s Letters:
Dear Hubby, This weekend we shall celebrate your last year of your status being a non-daddy on Father’s Day. Funny how you made me change our dinner reservations for lunch reservations because the game is coming on…I should’ve known. And boo, you give THEE BEST compliments to a pregnant woman one could ask for, but NO WAY we are not having 7 children so you can hang that up right now!
Dear Mom, major sad faces… I wish that you could come home a lot sooner. I really wanted to be able to spend a day just relaxin with you but either I’m working or your’e working. It sucks poo-poo. I will pout now because I know in six months I will have you all to myself.
Dear Dad, hilarious pic of you and the duck that landed in your pool. Yes, the owl did serve a purpose… to keep them away. Make sure you get a replacement owl. 
Dear Kobie, I know mommy took your “baby” (her pacifier) but you are two now. You have to be a big girl now sweetie and the binky has to go bye-bye.
Dear Deltas, are you serious?! 40,000 registrants for National Convention?? Thats 3 times as many people that came for Founder’s Day and that was bad! I have no idea how they are going to control the flow of that many persons concentrated within the few blocks of downtown D.C. One month and counting.
Dear SISTAH, Welcome back from Dubai! I am so jealous that you got to go. I can not wait to hear ALLLLL about it and I really hope you had fun.