What?! Your Husband doesn’t do THIS too?

Picture this – Sun isn’t out yet, you are fast asleep.
It’s probably about 6:45 a.m.
Next thing that wakes you up out of your sleep is the sound of your husband …
I mean really. My husband has really become obsessed with our yard recently.
I told him he is becoming like the rest of the old men on our block.
I asked him when I left for work  – nearly 2 hours later as he was planting Lawn Soil, did any of the other old men come outside.
He said, “of course!”
I tease him that the sound of the lawn mower is like the old man’s bat signal.
They all come out of no where to see what you are doing in the yard when they hear it.
If you thought I was exaggerating before, here is my proof.
My husband is so serious to get grass growing back in those dead and empty patches so the little one has a yard to play in. I mean – really!?
He will be working on this yard all spring and summer long. Let’s pray that it lasts through the winter because this was a project and a half.
He finally dug up all the shrubs in the front of the house that our builders planted last year and have already died. (such a waste of space and money.
That sad little tree may be next to go.
Because we are on a corner lot, it gets nothing but sun.
Ours is the only one that looks like this while everyone else’s is all plush and growing.
Wanna know what else is funny?
He gets up that early to cut the grass so that the spanish landscapers the community hires to cut the common area that is adjacent to our lawn doesn’t cut our grass and ruin his seeding and cutting schedule by cutting it too low, which is what causes it to die.
Anybody else’s husband obsessed with the most odd things?

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3 thoughts on “What?! Your Husband doesn’t do THIS too?

  1. Faith says:

    haha, tell your husband to talk to my hubby about doing something to get the grass in the backyard to grow.

    i will say that Sean loves to water the front lawn and trim the plants in the front. but the backyard is the part that needs the love and he couldn't be bothered, lol.


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