13 Weeks and Friday’s Letters

I guess I got a little behind because today I am 14 weeks and 1 day. But thats ok. 
This past week I had been dealing with Coccyx Pain (pain in my back and booty) that I have been trying a bunch of home remedies for. 
I still have meat aversions sometimes – I guess it truly depends on if the meat gives off an odor. 
I tried to eat a childhood favorite: Scrapple, Egg and Cheese sandwich with grape jelly. 
I dont really care for eggs, but I have been able to eat them… 
Halfway through breakfast – baby did not like it. 
Thankfully nothing came up just that whole, I am about to lose my breakfast heave. 
I took that as my cue to stop eating it. 
Decided to eat a bowl of grits instead. 
Its a shame because that sandwich was so good. 
I have also been craving, seasoned perfectly, garlicky Spaghetti. 
Since the whole meat aversion thing, I have to cook it in phases.
Latest Quick Stats:
Weight: -1 from start weight since last doctors visit.
Clothing: Still not in Maternity Clothing.
Belly: Only showing when I eat a pretty big meal.
Rings: On
Cravings: Italian Food
Missing: Cold glass of white wine after those days where I wanted to scream my offender’s head off!
Now my Friday’s Letters:
Dear Hubby, This weekend we shall celebrate your last year of your status being a non-daddy on Father’s Day. Funny how you made me change our dinner reservations for lunch reservations because the game is coming on…I should’ve known. And boo, you give THEE BEST compliments to a pregnant woman one could ask for, but NO WAY we are not having 7 children so you can hang that up right now!
Dear Mom, major sad faces… I wish that you could come home a lot sooner. I really wanted to be able to spend a day just relaxin with you but either I’m working or your’e working. It sucks poo-poo. I will pout now because I know in six months I will have you all to myself.
Dear Dad, hilarious pic of you and the duck that landed in your pool. Yes, the owl did serve a purpose… to keep them away. Make sure you get a replacement owl. 
Dear Kobie, I know mommy took your “baby” (her pacifier) but you are two now. You have to be a big girl now sweetie and the binky has to go bye-bye.
Dear Deltas, are you serious?! 40,000 registrants for National Convention?? Thats 3 times as many people that came for Founder’s Day and that was bad! I have no idea how they are going to control the flow of that many persons concentrated within the few blocks of downtown D.C. One month and counting.
Dear SISTAH, Welcome back from Dubai! I am so jealous that you got to go. I can not wait to hear ALLLLL about it and I really hope you had fun. 


3 thoughts on “13 Weeks and Friday’s Letters

  1. Quana D says:

    lol, I can't wait to read weeks 22-32, I wish I was blogging during my pregnancies *sigh*. I love egg sandwich with Jelly! I had grits today too. I put cream cheese in it, don't ask me why, the cream cheese was next to the small pats of butter and well the rest is history.


  2. Rekita Nicole | Her & Nicole says:

    oh yeah spaghetti was my favorite with both boys…i mean extra sauce and pizza hut, omg!!!! girl as soon as baby girl is born i am getting a straw-ber-ita! My husband is like , no you not if you are breast feeding…i was like dang!!!!! lol

    Glad to see u are doing well!!!


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