Friday Shenanigans

I have mentally checked out of work already for the week… so getting through Friday will be super tough. So I figured I would share with you what I am currently doing…  

Currently:Drinking: Still addicted to ice cold Canada Dry Giner Ale’s and Coffee “flavored” ice drinks.Eating: Craving Ramen Noodles and Italian Foods still.Feeling: Easily irritable and yet in a good mood – it switches like night and day these days. Also, starting to feel the baby so that has been an interesting discovery these days.Surprised: At how many other people are pregnant with me.Happy: That my neighbor seems to be going into labor and the little one is on the way.Relieved: That the Miami Heat won! My husband needed that boost for sure!Anxious: About knowing what the sex of the baby is.Planning: for Delta Sigma Theta’s National Convention where 40,000 people have registered and many more will show up in D.C. It’s going to be CRAZY! 20 days and counting. (just pray I can walk around without pain. The Jury Is Still Out On These Things:

  • On Paula Deen – especially after thinking it was a good idea to hire black men to dress like they did when they were house slaves to serve at her wedding? Ma’am D’jango was a movie, not a bright idea in this day and age!
  • I just don’t believe that Kanye and Kim thought it was a bright idea to name their daughter North. I am not believing that one at all.
  • Do I really want a Maternity Shoot: I mean am I really going to put up pictures in my house of me at my heaviest and in my mind the least attractive season?
  • Am I really going complete the nursery, when I am really thinking that the baby’s crib will be in our room for the majority of the first year?
  • So, am I really going to be handle my house becoming a “kid zone?”

And now for your viewing pleasure the finale of the Baby Bachelor. Have a Great Weekend 

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2 thoughts on “Friday Shenanigans

  1. Cece says:

    I'm not surprised that there are so many pregnant people with you! It seems to be going around! As for maternity shots…do you have anyone with a DSLR? Or don't you? You could just have a friend take them.


  2. Faith says:

    Haha, North West … Still can't believe that.

    I want your dress badly !! So gorgeous! I went to my local Target and they didn't have my size. Boo.

    I'm with Cece … If you have a friend with a DSLR def have them take a few pictures of you. You might not think that you're at the best look of your life but you really are. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a woman with child. I'm serious.


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