WHAT?! Today’s Randoms


So lately, I have been really feeling like its such a struggle to blog. It’s not so much that there are a lack of things to blog about because I have so many deep thoughts and past memories and present projects that I could post about it – except there is zero motivation.
I get it.
Pregnancy has slowed me all the way down.
If I wasn’t lazy before, I sure am now.
If I wasn’t tired before, I sure am now.
I can’t go to the movies past 10pm. I have to plan out road trips based on how long I think I can sit in the car and how long we would be gone before I could get a nap.
I call this my “hibernation mode” because I am sure, like I have heard – the energy will come and then “nesting” will begin and I will have plenty of things to share about my home and its preparations.
In all honesty though, my days are blah!
At least until July – then conferences and doctors visits pick up.
Speaking of which, I will be 16 weeks tomm… I know, I have to edit my bump pictures, but trust me – you are missing nothing! I have people still at work that have absolutely no idea that I am expecting and I see them every day. People are church are still JUST finding out.
I like it that way and at the same time, its exhausting because in my mind I feel like the weeks are going by so slow and this is old news now.
But because I am only showing when I eat and only waddle when my Sciatica is flaring up then I get the smart comments from folk saying “you just found out you were pregnant, it can’t be that bad.” I then turn into hormonal pregnant woman and snap them a quick response. If you had a glimpse that I was mouthy before, just you brace yourself now.
One lady literally told me that on Sunday and I had to quip back at her “YOU just found out I was pregnant, I found out 4 months ago, so umm yeah unless you are feeling the sharp pains I am feeling down the center of my back and through my left butt cheek, I suggest you keep that opinion to yourself.” She gave me “OH” face. mmhmm….
Perhaps I am just snappy because I can’t even do the thing that I love at barely 4 months and that is walk around the mall. I LOVE to shop and I LOVE to window shop. I can barely make it down one stretch of hall from one anchor store to the next. When my parents went shopping with me last week, I had to literally take a break from walking and then asked my dad to bring the car from the Dept store we parked at to the Dept Store we ended up at because I just could not walk all the way down the hallway. Major heartbreak!
So what HAVE I been up to?
Laughing at my coworker when she shows up to work in outrageous outfits like this.
Checking out new Dream Cars with Amos…
Our new favorite : The Tesla
This electric car is AMAZING!
Trying to fake like I am happy and pain-free…
When I really feel like this.
Getting SUPER anxious about finding out the gender of our baby.
I still say Girl.
He totally wants a Boy.

And loathing the addition of video to Instagram and unfollowing people who don’t use discretion or moderation. Its just too much to post 31 videos back to back. Its 15 seconds, not a reality show camera. No one cares that much!
These are just my randoms for the day.
I have also been enjoying reading a lot of your blogs so just know that mostly your blog is the highlight of my day – the one thing I still enjoy.
(although clearing my unread posts in Bloglovin’ is becoming a daily chore)

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5 thoughts on “WHAT?! Today’s Randoms

  1. Danielle says:

    When do you find out what you're having?!? I won't find out until the 12th. I am impatiently counting down the days! LOL!

    I had bad sciatic pain and round ligament pain when I was pregnant with Jordan. I don't wish that on anyone.


  2. Lisa Jones says:

    Pregnancy is the best time for snappy remarks! Also, postpartum. After having five people ask me at Walmart how old my newborn is, I decided that my hospitality was over and told the next person, “Six months.” Yeah. Leave me alone.


  3. Rekita Nicole says:

    lol at you snappin on folks, i had to snap on this lady at Walmart the other day because she was breathing all down back at the checkout.

    I have been unmotivated with blogging too, all i can talk about is my kids and the pregnancy.

    but you look good girl, get it together, lol!


  4. Faith says:

    Haha you are hilarious! But I'm sorry that you're feeling uncomfortable and that people don't know when to shut it.

    I think you have a good outlook on things because you're sharing it in a comical way.

    Can't wait to know what you're having.

    I haven't updated my Instagram yet because I don't want to see videos, lol.


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