Gender Reveal: It’s A…

The moment that I found out that I was pregnant, I have been dying to know what we had conceived : a girl or a boy. I mean of course I was thoroughly excited that we were pregnant because we had prayed and struggled for years so it is definitely a blessing just to even get to this point. 
As of now, we (and I mean we, because Amos goes with me to every appointment – even the mundane quick non-eventful ones) go to the doctor every 4 weeks. 
At our appointment with my favorite Dr. in the practice (there are 3 total), [I have been seeing her for every appointment since I had my bout with Migraines] I asked her previously when we would know what we are having and she said that she would give me a referral at our next appointment, which happened to be July 8th. 
Until that time, I looked at every theory:
Chinese Gender Calendar : BOY
Skull Theory: GIRL
Heart rate average: GIRL
Ease of Pregnancy: BOY
Placement of Placenta: BOY
So each day, my mind changed as to what exactly I was having.
I actually told my husband that I really thought it was a boy because I probably wanted a girl too much and he actually said the same thing to me, just opposite: that he thought it was a girl, but wanted a boy for Legacy sake. 
So our last doctor’s appointment went great. 
They drew blood for all the genetic diseases and markers so that they can compare it to the Anatomy Scan to make sure that the baby is healthy and free from Down’s or any other handicaps that may terminate the pregnancy early. 
So with the referral in hand, we told the OB that we had a little bet going. 
She said that she wanted to know who won and what we would be having because they do not put it on the report so that they don’t accidentally tell couples who don’t want to know. 
We made our Anatomy Scan appointment for the first available appointment: July 9th, 1pm. 
Full bladder in tow we made it back to our doctor’s office to see our beautiful baby. 
All the fingers, toes, limbs, etc. were growing at the proper rate. The skull was measured and even the “fullness” of the stomach was examined and even the blood flow through the umbilical cord. 
It took about 20 good minutes for the technician to show us every little nook and cranny of the baby and print us the most random photos of baby’s foot, ears and hands. 
Our child has always been super active during the sonograms and even during listening for the heartbeat with the doppler – and this time was no different. On Monday, the doctor even said “WHOA! Lots of movement!” I said, “You’re telling me.” I feel it all the time.
And during the sonogram, the baby went from face up to face down/ booty in the air, to head butting the sonogram wand. I mean really?! I couldn’t help but just laugh at the fact that the baby would just not keep still. 
The tech asked if we wanted to know the gender. 
Mind you, I already peaked while she was measuring the femur bone of the baby. 
I have seen enough sonograms in the Baby Center chat rooms to kind of know what I am looking at – not to mention she said the heart rate and its been pretty consistent. 
Finally she said quickly : “Well this one’s a GIRL!”
My first response “I KNEW IT!”
My husbands: Silence. 
It’s literally taken him a few days to process that he is going to be the father of a little girl. 
It’s so cute! Amos knew he was having a little girl but just didn’t want to admit that it could be a possibility because he has a unique soft spot for little girls. It’s going to be very interesting to now see him interact with his own daughter. 
He has been an awesome husband throughout my pregnancy that I am so excited to see how he will be when our little girl arrives. 
We shall call her Princess for now, but I will reveal her name when she is born. 

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6 thoughts on “Gender Reveal: It’s A…

  1. Cece says:

    As soon as he heard “girl” he got scared! Most men are afraid of raising precious, precocious little girls at first but he'll surely grow into it. Congrats!!


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