Five Day Weekend!!

Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend!I am SO happy! Can you tell? I have a 5 day weekend on the horizon that is starting with an Early Dismissal from work, thanks to the holiday! WOOT WOOT!I have managed to stay fairly stress free… although I did have a few snippy moments (ie. the cleaning lady decided that she was going to vacuum my office or else yesterday, while I was working and on the computer. She was so adament that she kept bumping the legs of my chair… I mean I almost got up and punched her – not only is that rude but now you have kicked up all this dust!)… But Hey! Its a SMILING sunshiney day today!

Lately, I have been doing less blogging and a tad more living and soaking it all in. I like blogging when the urge arises and less on a schedule. It helps me to feel more like I am blogging for me and not for what people expect of me.
In the meantime, here’s what we have been up to:
A lot more couch snuggling while we watch tv and playing “guess where the baby is”.
I plan to order the headphones that lay flat so that I can begin letting the baby listen to music.


Afterall, we LOVE music in this house.
We were watching the BET Awards the other night and BY FAR the Charlie Wilson performance was the best! That mans vocals are exactly like a recording… and no he was not lip synching! He is TALENTED!
And they were singing the hits.
I said “oh no! I have to get up and dance!”
Me and bump, grabbed the Rock Band Instruments and went to town…
You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t really playing Key-tar for Charlie Wilson that night!
What I love best about Amos… he won’t let me act crazy alone..
He grabbed the Bass Guitar and we were the BEST two person band there was.

 We have also been dealing with some Seattle like weather here. I swear this has been the rainiest summer I have ever witnessed on the East Coast. It is such a drag because I can not get to the pool as much as I had hoped (not that my bathing suit fits me anymore.) Here was what happened when me and my coworker went to lunch when it was sunny and came back in the middle of a storm complete with nickle sized hail. 

But that means more inside activities. So we have been to see a few movies at our favorite all recliner AMC Movie Theater

We have seen:
White House Down
The Heat
Monsters University
and have plans to see:
Despicable Me 2
Let Me Explain
Speaking of Seattle… can’t wait until this comes out – definitely want to see how this translates to the big screen… those that read the series already know what this is.
This weekend also is the start of Delta Sigma Theta Festivities and Conference coming to D.C.
SO I am excited!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday Weekend.

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