24 Weeks: Weddings, White House and Weaves


This past weekend has been filled with so many celebrations and milestones that I am having a hard time just trying to remember them all.. so I figured it was time for a blog post!.
My emotions have been dragged in every direction this week starting with an impromptu date night to see The Butler.
Now if you have not yet seen this movie, I highly suggest that you absolutely go see it.
It is one that I also believe Forest Whitaker should win an Oscar for and one that I think Oprah Winfrey should get an Oscar Nomination for.
I have to be honest, I cried through this whole entire movie.
I don’t know if its because of my pregnancy hormones or if I would’ve cried either way, but I would like to say that I would’ve cried either way.
And not that The Butler is a sad movie but it touched me in such a way.
See for me, it depicted stories that I heard about growing up. My grandmother and even my mother would tell me their stories of what it was like to live during the civil rights movement. My uncle was a freedom rider. My great grandmother’s grandfather worked as a domestic to a President. There were so many things that just sounded so familiar to me – not to mention the one line that stuck out to my entire family in the movie where they were talking about how they read something in the “Black Newspaper in Baltimore.” That newspaper they were referring to is the Afro-American Newspaper and that Newspaper, still in existence today was started by my Great-Grandfather.
As you can see the movie just brought so many things full circle. Just watching Cecil Gaines have a full circle moment and to know that it was indeed inspired by a real man’s life who lived in D.C., who’s wife really did pass away on election day 2008… needless to say is something so touching that it just makes you want to cry. At least for me – I can remember where I was and exactly how I felt when Barack Obama was elected and I hope to be able to tell my daughter that story one day.
SO – moving on to other things that happened over the past weekend. 
We had a wedding to go to. 
I was so over my summer curly that it was time to do something a little bit different. 
I went to my trusty Dominican Shop and had them blow it out for me. 
I had them trim my hair when I first got pregnant knowing that my hair would grow throughout this pregnancy and boy was I happy that it all grew back and then some. It was just to my chin before and now its a good 5 inches down my back. WOOT WOOT!
Hey the struggle to grow hair when you’re natural is real sometimes.  
I had gotten these clip in extensions for the first time at Delta Convention and I felt like it would be a perfect weekend to give them a try. I went with clip in extensions because I didn’t want to have my hair braided for a full sew in nor did I want to put weave glue in my hair as soon as I got it so fresh and so clean.
I was praying that they wouldn’t slip out and that they would blend like I had been told since I got a really good deal on them.
I curled and rolled the extension pieces separate from my hair and then attached them and blended them with my natural hair.
Can you tell? Probably because I showed you a before pic.. but without it, I think that my clip ins served me well… of course because of the humidity my hair fell almost immediately but hey! I was happy when I left the house at least.
We went to the wedding of some good friends Mr. and Mrs. Savage.
It was such a beautiful ceremony and it almost made me want to go and have our wedding all over again!
Then, we had to attend an event for the 6th year anniversary for my sister’s blog, The Fab Empire (www.thefabempire.com) which is a nightlife blog for D.C., N.Y., Baltimore and Boston. My sister has really made a name for herself in the D.C. Nightlife area and has always had major sponsor support from natural hair care product lines and liquor sponsors like Ciroc and Coors Light.
Her event is like a networking reunion of the socialites of D.C. and she wanted me to be there per usual as a means of support. Afterall, when she first started blogging, I was one of her correspondents.
As a former Fab Girl  I could not let my sister down.
The hard part is, what does the pregnant girl wear to the club?
I had a hard time figuring this out because I wanted to look cute but I didn’t want to look like I was in denial, like some pregnant women I know.. case in point : Fergie and Kim K.


So after deciding on a dress.. I figured it was time to whip out the longer extensions!
Hey why not? The more hair the merrier, I say..


Here is my gorgeous sister and I at her event.. Ciroc debuted Ciroc Amaretto for the first time in D.C. at her event.. she is such a tastemaker.
I swear we look like a before and after picture – or as she told me, she looks like a giraffe standing next to me. We used to look so much more alike.. ah this DARN ‘LOVE’ WEIGHT!
But post baby, I may not get down to her size, but trust and believe my goal is close to a single digit number. I was there when I met my husband so I know I can get back there if I put my mind to it! Enough is enough! Time to get back to looking like a hot mama!
To round things out – since where the event was, we literally parked across the street from The White House and my husband has never been (outside of an Inauguration Event) we took a quick stroll to say hey to our child’s godparents, Barack and Michelle. (LOL, I am kidding) In my dreams though!
My husband says he is giving me his “thug” face.. I told him, there are no 33 year old thugs. He needs to let that go and look more happy to be out with my wife in future pics.
Finally, CONGRATS!!!
To my daughters future besties!
Rekita of Her and Nicole, who designed this beautiful blog of mines gave birth to her daughter Carmyn. And my coworker/neighbor, Kendra gave birth to her daughter, Camryn this morning.
Funny thing is, back in my single days, I swore my own daughters name would be on of those names and spelled exactly like that.. but nope I married a man who chose an even more complicated, yet beautiful name for our daughter. I can’t wait to share it!

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Thinking Out Loud at 23 Weeks

Yesterday, I posted this 23 Week Belly Bump picture on my Instagram page.
 It wasn’t until after I posted it that I was quite shocked at how big my belly actually looked.
In real life, to me, I didn’t look that pronounced. And grant it, it I sit up, which I am not doing so much of in this picture, it may not look so bad.
At the end of the day, I had to accept that there was a child, in my womb, who is the size of a Baseball Mit now and there was nothing that I could do besides embrace it. There was absolutely no turning back now.
And mind you, this is exactly what I have been praying for – yet, still as it is happening I can’t help but each moment feel like this whole experience is so surreal.
Every little thing that happens to me is like its happening for the first time.
Each first kick of the day…
and well, lately its been each first contraction of the day.
Braxton Hicks comes upon you and without warning.
This morning alone, I had a few contractions that felt like she just up and decided to roll into a ball and shove… I’m talking to her like “ma’am I am going to need you to slow down and chill all the way out!”
But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
I have been trying to remain focused at work and for the most part I have been successful. It’s just a whole lot more added to my plate because I am such a planner. I can’t help it.
I am an event planner and so my nature is to make sure that come D-day things are in place.
The one thing that I could not account for is how fast the baby would grow and how quickly that growth would slow me down.
I am not huge, however, before baby I was just about at the point of all the weight my knees and back could carry. So although I have only gained 4lbs on the scale, in actuality I have lost pounds elsewhere and now its concentrated right in the center of my body. My back and hips are screaming at me. So instead of me being able to do things (like at work, escort my offenders out the door) I just have to yell and give commands because sometimes just walking around my office gives me the blues!
The other thing that always has me second guessing myself is my Baby Registries.
First, it was where to register? I didn’t necessarily want to register at the typical big box stores, but I was quickly reminded that a lot of my family does not live here and therefore will need a store that they can access where they are.
Then it was what to register for?
It’s not as easy as “oh this is cute, lets add this to the list” like it is with the wedding registry. These are products that your child is going to use. It took a lot of research, a lot of review reading and even lots of YouTube product demonstrations for me to decide on what to go with at least to start.
Then once I made my mind up on something, someone else I know would give me their opinion on the product and the research would start all over.
All in all, its been fun but feels like I am in the middle of one long research project with my body being the main subject for experimentation.
One thing that I did recently was decide that I want to give cloth diapering a try.
Pray for me on this one.
But I have been researching this prior to getting pregnant and feel like at least while I am home on maternity leave that this may be a good option to have just in case. The brand I chose is more of a hybrid. Its most like a regular diaper because inside there is a disposable insert that you just remove with each change, so it prevents you having to pre-clean or wash diapers in your washing machine that are poopy and what not. Plus the insert flushes down the toilet and cuts back on smelling up the room and waste. 
After all, when you see how cute they are… who wouldn’t want to at least try them.
There are so many other products that I am excited to try out to see whats best for us..
the other thing that I am kinda worried about is… remember that lovely new hybrid that I just purchased not too long ago – umm, does a carseat fit in the back seat?
Guess we will soon see.
Oh yeah, I have been getting a few emails, texts, inquiries about where we are registered-
so in case you were also wondering where, click the link for our registry:
Thanks for letting me unload a bit.
Back to work! Hope you have a great day.

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Lately, I have been really enjoying just a few lazy days in the house. 
Baby Girl’s kicks have been coming more frequent and definitely a lot stronger. 
So far though she has been acting shy when it comes to daddy feeling her kick. I chase Amos around the house hoping that she will still keep kicking for him, but so far no luck.
I think he is a little in his feelings about it (but don’t tell him I told you that. 🙂 ) 
But she has been kicking for weeks and still I can’t time it right where he is able to have fun in the awe of her growing. 
She’s been kicking so much lately that I swear that I am getting nauseous just from her not keeping still. 
However, I still will say that I won’t complain – it’s just an observation. I have been blessed to have such a great pregnancy that I wouldn’t even mind doing it again right away. 
Around the house, we are still deciding on paint chips for the rooms we left undone. 
I thought I had it figured out but turns out, I am more indecisive pregnant than I am when I am not pregnant and if that’s the case – I feel sorry for anyone waiting on me to make a decision. 
Some of the things on the wish list for Baby Girl’s room and possibly first (or second) Christmas: 
This little Girls Vanity – I want her to have a vanity just like her mommy. Although I put my make up on at mines, she will not be doing that for a longgggggggggg time. I am so traditional when it comes to when little girls are allowed to do certain things like wear make up, wear their hair down, get their nails done. She has years!

Mommy is getting a gray glider, so Baby Girl needs her own matching chair. 
In other news, my sister got me this Tote from C Wonder that I really wanted for Baby Girl and she got it monogrammed with her initials: this is the first and last clue before we reveal her name at the Baby Shower. I LOVE IT!!!!
*edited to add: I got a few emails (no lie – multiple) about the monogram because my last name begins with S, which would mean this monogram is a bit untraditional. C Wonder apparently doesn’t do the traditional monogram in addition to Thirty One – I saw a coworkers bag that was also a bit backwards. However, I am excited because what will make Baby Girls name a bit different is that G so either way I am happy because its prominent and she will know its hers.. but yes traditionally it would be vSg.. ok carry on.*
In equally exciting news, Purple Thursdays are back! 
Its a tradition that Ravens fans wear purple on Thursdays during Football season. 
I am so glad to see that the season is starting up again and my Super Bowl Champions are looking good with the new team. 
They definitely won 44-16 in their first preseason game. 
I tried Fantasy Football last season, but I got bored with it some where in the middle of the season so it’s officially not for me. 
I know that a few of you also are just as excited about Football Season even if we are rooting for different teams.. this hopefully will be a great season!
Lately, my craving has been French Fries and Vinegar also known as Boardwalk Style French Fries. 
I loved them before getting pregnant but I LOVE them even more now. 
If you have never tried it this way, I really do recommend them!

Lately, I haven’t been able to blog so much because my fingers have been occupied with crocheting Baby Girl a coming home blanket. I plan to snuggle with it leading up to her arrival so that she will snuggle with it and it will soothe her because it smells like me. 
The colors incorporate brighter versions of the colors that will be in her nursery and its so soft that she can lay on it without me worrying.
I used a bobble stitch. It was the first time that I used this stitch. I learned how to crochet from my grandmother who definitely taught me the basics and a stitch called the “grandmothers square”. I believe once you have the basics down then you can pretty much pick up anything. 

And it wouldn’t be a good weekend if I didn’t find something to make me laugh. 
I found this to be hilarious, because I swear this would be my husband. 

I also posted this pic on Sunday…

Funny thing is, as much as I look like a “church mother” the person who brought these glasses to church brought them to make fun of a specific church mother who goes to our church. Well I guess its what my swag might be 60 years from now. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

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It’s Our Anniversary! and Bump Update

Today is our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary!
Three Years does not seem like a long time, but time does indeed fly when you are always having fun!
I can honestly say, Three Years later we still love each other if not even more!
We have learned how to fight fair which means, we may argue from time to time but the “being mad at each other” part doesn’t last as long… because as much as we know how to push each others buttons, we also know how to diffuse each other as well.
We have learned to recognize when we have an argument how to recognize when it may be outside issues provoking whatever it is that we may be arguing about.
Also, we have learned to keep the fire going – we still date as if we aren’t married.
We go on weekly date nights and find it most important to carve out some time to just be with each other.
We have literally learned to be better friends to each other.
God has truly blessed us and we are both thankful for the growth we have experienced as a couple in the last three years.
I am looking forward to the future and so grateful of the many blessings that come with the promises of God for married couples.
Also, as you know we are expecting our first child – a Baby Girl.
I haven’t been able to keep up with the cute updates past the first trimester, but its definitely time for a Bump Update.
This week: 22 weeks Pregnant
Weight Gain: +4lbs.
Doctor’s Updates: Baby passed Quad bloodtest = no downs or other fatal syndromes present.
Mom Updates: Blood Pressure normal, still no major cravings although I may mix the oddest combinations of foods, still wearing flat shoes because my sciatica acts up from time to time, definitely using my pregnancy pillow and at times have to steal it back from hubby, rings still on, lost weight in some places and gained it all in belly. Sadly I have pregnant face but thats ok, have linea nigra as well but no stretch marks.
Gender: Girl
Name: To Be Revealed at Baby Shower
Nursery Theme: Vintage Owls
Dad’s Update: His face in this picture says it all.
Until next time.

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Weekend of Concerts and More: and What I Really Thought About The Mrs. Carter Tour

Last weekend, my husband took me to a few concerts. 
We were invited to come to see Tye Tribbett at The Howard Theater in Washington, DC for a pre-album release concert. 
It was both of our first times at The Howard Theater since it had reopened and we were really excited to check it out. The venue is an awesome place for a concert – the only downside can be that the space is first come first served (or seated) otherwise you have to stand. 
I tried to warn Amos about this rule just based on the pictures that I have seen of other events that I had seen there but he didn’t seem to be too bothered. So of course, when we get there not long before the concert started, we had no where to sit… 
Well, I hadn’t pulled the pregnancy card before however, ever since the Delta Convention at the beginning of the month, I had learned my standing limit and knew that I would not be able to stand for that long period of time throughout the concert. I went to the door and asked for a manager just to see if I could get a chair and do you know that at first he told me about three times, “But if I give you a chair, I would have to give every person with an excuse a chair.”… you did see that I said three times right? because I do not take no for an answer when it comes to something as reasonable as a seat in a partially filled venue. So he said “I’m not trying to be mean about it.” and just before the pregnant Incredible Hawk was about to come out and tell him how this would be horrible for him… my husband even stepped over to the conversation because he must’ve sensed that I was about to “go there” with the manager… The manager said to someone taking tickets at the door to grab the chair behind me and to place it inside for me to sit down. I said “thank you.” and had a great seat for the concert. 
Glad I did – the concert was AMAZING!
I am so excited about what I would call The Tribbett’s “come back”. His previous album was not a favorite of mines in the least. He kind of got away from what made him Tye Tribbett when he was with G.A. however, his new album Greater Than has some really great material. The vibe was amazing and we had a great time!
This week at work, our computer networks have been down which led us to not be productive in the least. Also a reason why its taking so long for me to update my blog lately. 
When there are there are no computers there is nothing to entertain you except your phone and a bunch of post-its. 
After my Tour of Duty it was time to get ready for Beyonce! Did some quick make up – added a few lashes and pinned my hair up. When my husband came to pick me up from work, I was so excited to be on my way!!!
We decided that tickets to see Beyonce would be a great way to celebrate our upcoming 3rd Wedding Anniversary. 
We headed to the Verizon Center after loading up on good eats at Matchbox in Chinatown. I was more than ready to see Beyonce give me a great show!

Truth is – for us it was just o.k. It was not rock my socks off like I had expected it to be. I thought I was going to be the only one who felt that way but every time I looked over at my music loving husband and he was half sleep. As to not ruin it for anyone who may be going to see it and is still excited about it – trust me my blah attitude about the concert had really nothing to do with Beyonce because she gave a great performance per usual. It had EVERYTHING to do with the production.
The flow of the production made it such a snore: 
she changed her clothes way too much.. and for what!? each costume change came with a video and a dance break and that happened every two songs. 
I think I have seen too many Beyonce Concerts and I am sad… the thrill is gone. 
A little retail therapy to cure that though – 
I broke my rule of not buying anything for Princess and went Carter’s Happy!
It helped, but it definitely opened a gateway because now I get coupons upon coupons upon discounts. Not a good thing for my pockets. 

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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