It’s Our Anniversary! and Bump Update

Today is our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary!
Three Years does not seem like a long time, but time does indeed fly when you are always having fun!
I can honestly say, Three Years later we still love each other if not even more!
We have learned how to fight fair which means, we may argue from time to time but the “being mad at each other” part doesn’t last as long… because as much as we know how to push each others buttons, we also know how to diffuse each other as well.
We have learned to recognize when we have an argument how to recognize when it may be outside issues provoking whatever it is that we may be arguing about.
Also, we have learned to keep the fire going – we still date as if we aren’t married.
We go on weekly date nights and find it most important to carve out some time to just be with each other.
We have literally learned to be better friends to each other.
God has truly blessed us and we are both thankful for the growth we have experienced as a couple in the last three years.
I am looking forward to the future and so grateful of the many blessings that come with the promises of God for married couples.
Also, as you know we are expecting our first child – a Baby Girl.
I haven’t been able to keep up with the cute updates past the first trimester, but its definitely time for a Bump Update.
This week: 22 weeks Pregnant
Weight Gain: +4lbs.
Doctor’s Updates: Baby passed Quad bloodtest = no downs or other fatal syndromes present.
Mom Updates: Blood Pressure normal, still no major cravings although I may mix the oddest combinations of foods, still wearing flat shoes because my sciatica acts up from time to time, definitely using my pregnancy pillow and at times have to steal it back from hubby, rings still on, lost weight in some places and gained it all in belly. Sadly I have pregnant face but thats ok, have linea nigra as well but no stretch marks.
Gender: Girl
Name: To Be Revealed at Baby Shower
Nursery Theme: Vintage Owls
Dad’s Update: His face in this picture says it all.
Until next time.

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