Birthdays and Anniversaries

This awesome couple – my parents
Celebrated their 45th Wedding Anniversary on August 30, 2013
45 years ago these two were married at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Baltimore, MD. 
Since my serious interest in dating, I have taken so many cues and learned so much about relationships and what to look for in a man from my parents. 
Briefly, one of the most interesting things about my parents was how they came to be a couple. 
My dad is from Miami, Florida. He was drafted to the NBA to play for the then Baltimore Bullets (now Washington Wizards) after graduating from NYU. Mom was enrolled at Morgan State University and was living with her roommate. Her roommate started dating one of the players (I’ll just leave the names out because these people are still alive LOL). Either who, my mom was casually dating a veteran at the time who was kinda just around but not really a good fit. 
My mom went with her roommate to dinner at my dad’s apartment. He was living with my moms roommates boyfriend. Needless to say, my mom went begrudgingly but didn’t want her friend to be there solo. Either who, at the dinner, my dad started kicking my mom under the table to get her attention. They started dating, sadly my mom’s roommate and her boyfriend broke up and my mom and dad were married 9 months later. 
The entire wedding party was the entire Baltimore Bullets team and all the Bridesmaids were my mom’s cousins… single and looking. 
My dad proposed one night over the phone and the next day they went and picked out a ring. 
45 years later, 3 kids and a future grandkid later – they have never looked and truly are more happier then that day. My parents are always together. For every trip my mom has to go on, you can expect my dad to be there. The same way that my mom was there for my dad at every game. Even breaking rules and sitting on the sideline to wish him luck before the game. 
How they became a couple, became engaged and were married let me know its not so much about the fairytale presentation that TV and movies would have us hold out but the emphasis is so much more on the person. Thats where our expectations should lie. Thats truly why I believe when I met my husband so many things happened the way that it did because of the example of longevity my parents gave me and his parents gave him. 
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Also, September 4th was my husband’s 34th Birthday!
He has decided to celebrate from September 1st all the way to going out on his last outing last night with his friends on a party bus around D.C.
On his actual birthday, I took my husband to one of our favorite restaurants, The Chop House. 
I love the quality of food at this restaurant and I love love love the new digital menus that show you pictures of the offerings on the menu so that I can choose with my eyes and not so much on the description on the menu. 
We also went for a dessert date and redeemed our free Burgers at Red Robin.. after all my Birthday is Sept. 14th
One of the perks of being married to a professional musician is him having friends who play for so many people. We got tickets to go see John Mayer yet again, but this time none of the musicians that play for John we knew but my husband actually happened to know the Bass Player for the opening act, Phillip Phillips. 

It was good to see John Mayer during his “comeback” post throat surgery. But can I just say that although I didn’t watch the season that Phillip Phillips won American Idol, he was AMAZING!
His show had so much energy and he was so versatile with his set- playing classics, his singles and then remixing some hip hop songs. I was so impressed!

Of course we couldn’t enjoy this solo – 
husband invited one of his besties (our daughters Godfather) as 1. a way to ask him to be our child’s godfather, 2. a late birthday gift for him 3. because he is a huge music fan as well, after all he is a musician as well – one of the baddest Bass players I know. 
Its been a really fun summer – let FALL begin!

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