Less Than 100 Days To Go

Here we are 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant. 
We have just about 13 weeks to go before baby girl arrives and yet, I am not sure if the surreal feeling will ever go away. For many years (although for some its been longer) my story was the waiting patiently to conceive newlywed that had been tested and diagnosed with unexplained infertility and now here we are less than 100 days (or so) from welcoming our baby girl into our family. 
I want to savor each moment of pregnancy. 
I may have been discouraged during the wait of trying to conceive but I consider myself to be blessed because I have had a wonderful pregnancy. 
So much so that I told my husband, he can have as many children as he wants as long as all my pregnancies are like this. 
He has restrained himself to requesting 4 children at the moment over the next 10 years. 
We laugh because we say we will be the ones with the family of 7 or something… (God please no!)
It is our desire to have our children close together so that they will have a special relationship with their siblings. So who knows… its all in God’s timing. 
Until then, I will remind myself to: 

So this week in pregnancy I had to take the gestational diabetes test.
I have read and heard so much about how awful the test would be. Even from my doctors they suggested that it would be something that was so miserable. 
What was funny, I get there and there are two other ladies there to take it. 
We were all handed our orange drink that had been refrigerated in the lobby and told to drink it within five minutes and then wait one hour so they could draw our blood. 
We all had the look of hesitation as we cracked open the top. 
We took one sip and all said “oh”… as in “oh its not THAT bad”.. 
seriously, I liked it. It tasted just like the orange Hugs drinks that they used to serve us in Summer Camps when we were little. 
You know, these things – 
Needless to say, I drank it down rather quickly. It also helped that all my cravings have been super sweet sugary things. And despite me fasting for 12 hours and having a first thing in the morning appt. I passed my test literally by 1 point. Hey, a pass is a pass! So I am happy about that!
I don’t have to adjust my diet and I don’t have to test my blood sugar on a daily basis nor take injections! Wonderful!
We have also been getting the nursery together!
We were so fortunate to already start receiving gifts for Baby Girl. 
We were gifted her nursery furniture (crib, changer, rocker and ottoman) and it was sent to the store closest to our home.  We are super thankful and appreciative to our family! 
We packed into the truck and brought it home.. 
Consider this momma SUPER EXCITED!
We have also received her bassinet and bedding as well … among some outfits. 
I can not explain the overwhelming appreciation that we feel for the love that is shown towards our family. 
So of course that meant that it was time to paint some walls!
This is Baby Girl’s Room. It is a room that we have never filled with anything when we moved into our home with hopes for this day.  
It went from this (up top)
to this (below)
Valspar Paint: Sweet Lilac and Party Pink
(although, I believe the Lilac came out a little more pink due to the fact that color tinter was on the fritz when we went to go pick up the paint – I am still very happy with it). 
It will match her new bedding perfectly!
Can I just say that it took some time, but I have embraced the pink in her room. I was one who definitely wanted any color but pink. But, might as well just go with it. All the accessories will be the shades of plum, the animal print and lots of sparkle for the princess. 
I got the idea of course from Pinterest to paint the stripes on the wall… needlesss to say, I could only do so much on my own without wearing myself out – And I definitely wore my husband out with all the requests I put in for him to help me. 
I think after this he will prohibit me from looking at Pinterest for ideas. 
Like this idea: only two of the walls have stripes and the solid wall that is to the right of the entrance door, I wanted to add possibly a Cherry Blossom mural since they are so prevalent in D.C. 
Similar to this: 
I don’t know if it would be too much… or if its something that I would be able to complete.. I don’t know. What do you think? It’s the wall that her dresser would be on. 
Since she will be sleeping in a pink room, its only right that I had to get her, her first Red outfit. This newborn dress for her Christmas pictures. 
I can’t wait to see her in it!

Also I have been searching for unique shoes because I believe I will pass my love for shoes down to baby girl- 

Finally, we still pray over her daily. 
We pray for the big and the little things. 
We pray that she won’t have food allergies or have to suffer from seasonal allergies like her mother. 
We prayed that she would be surrounded with love and have friends.. and look at God.

It’s almost like when you start praying for your mate to come because you see all of your friends getting married. I wanted to get pregnant for a long time because my friends were having children and I didn’t want to go through the experience alone. And yet, I am not alone – out of my college fraternity sisters, 6 of us are pregnant. Two just had their babies within the last month. 
In my neighborhood, on my block alone- 5 of us were pregnant. Two have already given birth. 
At church, 4 of us are pregnant. And only 1 has just given birth. 
She will be surrounded by friends! and so will I.. 
not to mention the countless blogger friends who are expecting!
I thought I would be alone and yet, my prayers were answered in that regard as well. 
As far as stats, 
Weight Gain: Gained 2 lbs this pregnancy (beaming proud of that)
Rings: half off (I can’t wear my engagement ring, but I can wear my wedding ring) – I hate NOT wearing a ring because I feel like people judge pregnant people without a wedding ring and just view us as someone’s baby momma who got knocked up. 
Cravings: Cake, Cupcakes, Cake, Cupcakes! Did I mention CAKE!
Movement: LOADS! She kicks pretty frequent and definitely often. She has definitely turned with her feet up at times because her kicks have gone from low pelvis to high under my ribs.
And yes, I have post-baby plans: 
I wasn’t the healthiest person before and I am easily more active now than I was pre-baby. 
I am determined to get back to the size I was when I met my husband 6 years ago. 
I have posted motivation pics up, so that I keep that goal in mind. 

If you have read this far.. Thanks so much!
I have plenty to blog about but not so much time lately.. 
Playing catch up here. 
Hope that your weekend was wonderful!

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6 thoughts on “Less Than 100 Days To Go

  1. Faith says:

    So many exciting things happening! I was smiling ear to ear reading this!

    So glad to read that the drink wasn't awful and that you passed!

    Her nursery is adorable! I love the stripes! Is the mural going to be on a striped wall?

    So exciting that so many around you are pregnant! Must be something in the water 😉

    I want to get to where I was too! I'm hoping I get my act together. Like really together 🙂


  2. rebecca says:

    This is such a beautiful post. I'm so glad you are able to enjoy pregnancy and that it's going pretty well for you. You have been busy. The baby's room looks like it's going to turn out to be completely adorable. And yea, that glucose test isn't so bad. I'm terrified of needles and that's the part I freak out at is where they draw the blood. Not from the sugar drink. I've only had the orange with my last pregnancy. My first one, they offered grape as the flavor but my friend said her doctor had coke flavored. I'm soon to take my next glucose test with this pregnancy so I'm wondering what flavor it will turn out to be.
    But I can't wait to hear more of your updates and I wish you a very happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!
    Thank you for linking this up with The Mom Diaries


  3. Nesha says:

    It's so refreshing to hear about women who have great pregnancies (and it makes me a little jealous). All three of mine have been not so pleasant to say the least, but the end result is a perfect little gift from God. I just had my second daughter four months ago, so I love reading blogs of women with girls. Girls are always fun. So excited for you and your husbands new addition.


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