The Risk of Working in D.C.

As with living and working in any major city, sadly there are times where outrageous acts by persons happen from time to time. In Washington, DC we faced dealing with yet another tragedy. 
Thirteen people lost their lives today on the Navy Yard that is situated on the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. 
Its such a shame that people who went to work like any other Monday, did not make it home to their loved ones. These were people who were either civilian Federal Government workers, Metropolitan Police Officers or Naval Employees that were in the Cafeteria, 3rd and 4th floors of Building 197 within the gated and secured grounds of the Naval Yard. 
While many will see this story on the news and shake their heads at it being just another tragedy, this one hit way to close to home for me. 
For one, the Naval Yard is REALLY close to my job. See on this map below – where the Nationals Park is, my office is on S. Capital Street. 
The Navy Yard area is an area I drive through almost daily and plenty of times where I head for lunch. My favorite place to eat while pregnant is on Tingey Street right behind DOT Headquarters. 
Plenty of times, for one reason or another, I may head out alone there just to grab something quickly. 
If you follow me on Instagram – my posts about Truckaroo – that takes place at Half Street where that M is. Chipotle is on 7th street right in front of the Naval Yard along with the Cupcake spot. 
These were my people – my lunch break buddies. 
Thankfully, Monday is my day off – this particular Monday, I was going into work because they offered a mandatory training that I had to take and today was the last day. The blessing was that the training was not in my building but it was in NW D.C.
While I was headed there I heard the news of the shooting – 
when training was over, I was headed back towards the crime scene to go to my office when I got a call that they closed our building due to the fact that there are basically no law enforcement besides ourselves available in SE D.C.
They were all deployed to the Navy Yard. 
That meant, we would be sitting ducks. 
We work in partnership with Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Marshals almost on an hourly basis. Without them we can not do our job effectively not to mention if anything were to happen, they would have not a single person they could dispatch to help us. 
Case in point, the school right near the Navy Yard was on lock down all morning. Parents who came to drop their children off were on lock down with their children most of the day. On the news they showed that only one lady was allowed to leave the building because her car was parked in front of the school and was being broken into. 
It is so crazy how people will take advantage of such a tragedy for personal gain – especially on that side of town. 
Hearing the recaps of the persons who were there, who survived the shooting is so heartbreaking. 
A Captain recounted his story of running from the building, while having a one minute conversation about what was going on with a co-worker, that co-worker was shot dead right next to him. He ran literally for his life.  

There is a real risk to working in D.C. especially working for the Federal Government and extra especially being in Law Enforcement. If you work for the Federal Government, your badge can be used to enter any Federal Government building without search. You can have a real fear of the fact that so many people target the Nations Capitol for one reason or another. 
Who knows if we will know what the reason is for the shooting this morning since the shooter has been killed. 
My heart and prayers go out to the families of those persons who lost their lives. 
I am glad that the person that I knew was in the area this morning was ok.
You can only hope that these incidents become more and more rare. 
Tomorrow, its back to business as usual – but not business as normal, I am sure. 

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2 thoughts on “The Risk of Working in D.C.

  1. says:

    wow, I can't imagine being so close to that. you're right, when things happen close to home it's not just another news story, and you feel a different emotion. i know that has to be tough…been thinking about the families of those that lost their lives and i will continue to pray for them


  2. Miss Rachel M. says:

    Thankful that you are safe and well. My heart hurts for those who have died and those who have been irrevocably changed by the events of that day. I pray for peace in this world we live in.

    Stay safe, friend.


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