Birthdays, Baby Girl and Bump Update

September 14, 2013 was my 31st Birthday (YOIKES!) – I can NOT believe that I am that old. It has not even sunk in yet. I think that I will probably still hold on to 30 (not that its any better) for a little while longer. 
This year of course being pregnant, I honestly didn’t feel like celebrating in ways that I would have if I wasn’t pregnant. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t celebrate at all. I had a great time celebrating this year. 
I spent the day with my husband going to brunch at my favorite diner. 
He took me to get my nails done right after – 
It was only right that since the Football Season just started that I would get my nails done in my favorite teams colors: Purple and Gold for my Baltimore Ravens Baby!
It would later be a pre-cursor to the best Birthday gift my husband could’ve ever gotten me. 
We travelled down to Annapolis, MD to go try this Ice Cream shop that I had heard so much about. 
Its been voted the “Best of Annapolis” for like the last 6 years even while its surrounded by other ice cream shops on the same block. 
So who better than me than to see what the hoopla was all about?
Hubby had Coffee Cookies and Cream in a waffle cone. I couldn’t decide so I went with Mint Cookies and Cream and Coffee Cookies and Cream. Grant it I didn’t want to show you just how big my bowl of Ice Cream was. LOL it was kind of bigger than I expected and sadly I ate the entire thing – I was so ashamed. It was totally worth it!
We walked down to the Boardwalk and sat there reflecting as we watched the water and the Yachts go by. It reminded me of my childhood where we would go down to Annapolis to visit my grandfather who lived down there and had a boat. He would take us out on the boat and we would go check the crab traps and go fishing and bring back the catch of the day and indulge. 
Well on Sunday, my Birthday gift from my husband was tickets to the home opener in Baltimore to see my Super Bowl Championship Winning Baltimore Ravens!

We played the Cleveland Browns that day. 
Truth be told, I really thought that there was a chance that we may actually lose this game. 
The turf appeared to be super slippery. Our receivers were not catching the ball to save our life. Our brand new defense doesn’t play with the fire that my Super Bowl Champs did so they weren’t making stops as quickly as they used to. 
It ended up being a low scoring game, but in the second half my team managed to at least score a few touchdowns while Cleveland was held to two field goals that were kicked by our former kicker. 
And now a Bump Update – We are Officially in the 3rd Trimester! 
28 weeks!
It’s like getting to Senior Year of High School … and I am trying hard not to get Senioritis and start to dread the last days. I want to continue to enjoy it to the very end (probably to prove all the debbie downers wrong even more). 
I got every horror story once people found out I was pregnant and what I have learned is that we really are that much more different. Where someone can only remember the miserable, I can still remember all the good times despite being sore at times. 
So now as she is approaching her arrival, you can imagine that people are giving me the whole “get your sleep now because you won’t sleep once she’s here” speech. 
That doesn’t stand true for everyone. I’m going to pray that when she comes out she gets her nights and days right. (one can pray right?!) Because right now, lately, she has kept me from going to sleep at 11pm with her latest gymnastic routine and then she goes into a straight Floyd Mayweather mode at about 4am. I literally have to rock for her to go back to sleep and then I am up for the next hour… smh I can already see how this is going to go. 
She wears me out I tell you.. after work if I make it upstairs in the house, I just have to lay down to stretch out and hopefully give her more room because thats what it seems like she is looking for. 
I get into my “cleaning the floor” stances in order to help her turn because she is still breech and of course I read some where that would help. We shall see. 
Either way, we did a 3D sonogram – So HERE SHE IS… 
Isn’t she a cutie pa too tee!?!
Poor thing is JUST like her momma, even though she looks just like her father – she loves wearing her umbilical cord like a necklace. That was exactly what I did in the womb. I got myself all wrapped up that I gave my mother and the doctor a great scare. I am hoping that baby girl continues to wear it like a Lei instead of getting wrapped all the way around like I did. 

Someone was good and sleep but was smiling the whole time.
She is so funny to me. 

Someone was definitely a sleepy baby and could care less about which position mommy got in, she was still fast asleep. 

She is so anti-paparazzi. She was like Mommy ENOUGH! LOL this little girl is going to be so funny to me. 

So what say you?! Who do you think she looks like?
I would be so tempted to go back in a few weeks, but I am going to sit on my hands and try to be patient until she comes out so I can love on her even more. 
But I can not lie, seeing what she looks like has definitely made more excited than EVER!

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3 thoughts on “Birthdays, Baby Girl and Bump Update

  1. Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. says:

    HEYYYYYY!!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Ice Cream is my absolute FAV, listening to your order made me hungry for a bowl, lol!!!! Baby girl has gotten so big, seeing her smile made start cheesing, Im super happy for you guys, and yes she is funny….i love the image of her with her hand in front of her face, looks like she know exactly what was going on.

    Oh, loving the nails… I don't have a football team but my son TaeSean loves the Ravens…. needless to say I was cheering along with him when they won (I was cheering because I didn't have to deal with him having a fit if they lost, lol)

    Have a blessed day, I LOVE the blog makeover too…. so cute, keep up the great work!

    Maya D


  2. Carissa G says:

    I am playing catch up on my blog reading and I have missed so many of your pregnancy post! You look so pretty throughout all your pictures! Isnt technology amazing that you can tell who the baby looks like while she is still in the womb! Emma looks JUST like her dad, but with my skin color! She is his twin…and during ultrasounds she always held her hands in her face!

    Love the nails!!!


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