Name Change?

From time to time, I think we all get to that place where you contemplate how as our life is changing, how it then changes what we blog about and how that may change the name of our blog. For me, this has been on my mind for quite some time. 
Probably because when I first started this blog, I thought that I would be blogging mostly about my new home and the decor as we had set aside a great deal of funds to paint and decorate our home and I wanted to share that, in addition to trade information and tips. I named my blog Hello, Good Morning Sunshine because it was the first thing I said, the first day in our new home as there is a huge like 5′-6′ tall arched window in our home on the main living floor and we live on the sunny side of the street. 
I swear we never turn on a single lamp in our house because its unnecessary, even on a cloudy day. The first purchase of course was light blocking shades for the bedrooms. But ummm, yeah – I think I can count the number of posts I have ever written on my home because I have come to realize that decor changes happen in spurts around here since we both work outside of the home with the exception of Mondays. And who wants to do housework on Mondays – I swear when I make lists of things I want to get done, thats when my husband retreats to the basement where his music studio is. LOL. 
Now, newlywed no longer applies. Years later, “new home owner” doesn’t really apply.. but what still applies, I am still married to a professional musician where I have to drop all plans to go to random concerts on work nights, I am pregnant with my first child, which I already know will come with a whole bunch of experiences in itself, I still work in law enforcement in the District of Columbia, hmmm … I still have other aspirations like book writing with a pending book deal and other goals in the forefront that I want to accomplish… 
All that to say, I think I want to change the name of my blog to something more generic and encompassing of … ME. 
Probably something more simple – because when Baby Girl gets here, since we have no family here – this will be the one place where they will be able to keep up with her … and us for that matter. 
Le Sigh. 
Lately though, after seeing pictures of what my daughter looks like now, I can’t help but to think that she’s going to have so many fun daddy/daughter moments. 
Just like this video on YouTube. I swear this would be my husband and our daughter. Poor girl kept thinking she was hearing fireworks and wouldn’t go to sleep so her daddy did the one thing I know my husband would do.. 

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One thought on “Name Change?

  1. Cece says:

    Do it!!! As you evolve so to must your blog. I changed my blog name but will likely never change the url. It's just too much of a pain in the but. I will say that hello good morning sunshine really could mean a lot of things. I never knew it had to do with home decor.


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