Yup! This is what an I.O.U. gets you –
As you know the Federal Government has been shut down. I am still perplexed as to why and can point a lot of fingers at the egos that are going back and forth while the American people who work for those “secure” Federal Government jobs (like myself) continue to get the short end of the stick. However, while I am pregnant, I am trying not to continuously stress about the fact that I have already been furloughed 9 days and not making a single dime each day the Government is shut down…
9 days may not seem like a lot – but when you factor how much we get paid per day, you are literally watching about 9 bills not get paid this pay period.
So to my fellow Federal Government Workers, those who are non-essential and won’t even get the benefit of the I.O.U. and to those who are essential and are working without an I.O.U. guarenteed to you, just know that you aren’t alone… I am praying for us and our Congress. Something has got to give!
I have never had this issue in any other career before and its so frustrating and very hard to stay on task when you really aren’t even sure why you are doing something and when you will be compensated for it.
Sigh –
I hope you enjoy your week.

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2 thoughts on “I.O.U.

  1. Cece says:

    Ugh! It's so awful. It really sucks that you are caught up in that madness. Of course it's stressing you out. I hope they figure something out soon. It's getting ridiculous.


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