My husband has been busy for the last solid six months, but roughly ten months, planning a major Worship Concert at his church. My husband and I presently go to two different churches because he is the Minister of Music at one church and I am on the Ministerial Staff of another church. From time to time, I get to support his church and love that they embrace me each time I come with open arms… and put me to work, which is something that I also love to do. After seeing my husband stress out for several months, I am:1. Relieved that it is all over and his stress level can come back to normal for a bit.2. Glad to have him back because when he is planning mode nothing else can really get done. 3. SO PROUD OF HIM! 

Up until the night of, we were not sure how successful the event would be.
You kind of have a vision and soft gauge for what it could be like, but until it happens, you never really know. I think I was just as nervous for him as he was.
But then I knew once I was about to turn into the Church Campus that this was a night that we would always remember. 
Before the concert began, I came out on stage just to get a feel for the crowd, while I made sure that my husband was getting dressed and doing what he needed to do in order to be in the right spirit to minister that night as well as give him confidence in knowing that his staff are awesome at hospitality and that his guests artists were in good hands.
Me and one of the dancers Backstage before the show

Once the concert began and the praises went up!
It was a WRAP! The Holy Ghost moved and we set out what was planned for the evening : to be in pure Worship mode for the rest of the evening.
Here are few more pics from that evening –


Now, I can’t wait until Outstretched Worshipper’s Concert next year!

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One thought on “Outstretched!

  1. YSMOTHERS says:

    Congrats to both of you. Glad to see people praising God and enjoying what they do at the same time. Keep pressing your way. Oh and by the way, congrats on the bundle of joy!


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