New Developments

So, the Federal Government has been shut down for a week. 
How does the shut down specifically affect me you might ask?
Well, I am considered to be essential – the one thing that the Federal Government doesn’t want is to ever have a lack of law enforcement presence, even if we are not getting paid. 
Nothing proved that more than the incident that happened on Capitol Hill this week where the young lady was gunned down by Secret Service Uniform Division after using her vehicle to pass through barricades and flee through the streets of D.C.
My office had an influx of foolishness as well… 
This explains the mindset right here: 
No Fools, We are NOT!
This week alone I sent away two guys – within one day and I am sure there would be more except unfortunately the Parole Commission is shut down, so my warrants are on delay. 
So I know what you are saying, but they voted to give you back pay!
That means nothing to me! If not anything it makes me more upset!
It just says that those that are HOME on furlough will also get a check, just like those of us who have still been getting up to go to work every single day thus far of the shutdown working for our “essential” IOUs. If anything I would’ve preferred the week vacation. 
Also, now that doesn’t hurry along our funds or guarantee an on time pay check. 
After my pay check that comes on Saturday – by the way, its only a HALF check, we will not get another check nor be paid back until after the shutdown is over.
So each day that passes, morale goes down and we feel more and more like slaves. 
In other news, in the midst of the shutdown, I found out that I am getting transferred out of the S.E. Washington, DC area office. Can we say “AWESOME!” 
No longer in the “hood” and better food options because my new office is actually downtown closer to the U.S. Capitol and Courthouse. I am excited for the new experience but sad that I am leaving my coworkers whom I have created a great bond. 
Also, this weekend, I went to yet another concert at my husband’s church that was hosted and produced by the local Gospel Radio Station. 
Kurt Carr, Donnie McClurkin and Isaac Carree were there to name a FEW!

Backstage, Uncle Donnie was so happy to see that me and my husband were expecting. He has been coming to my husbands church for so many productions over the years. He talked to the baby through my belly and told her “now when you come out, please don’t hurt anything.” I couldn’t do anything but laugh! He loves children.. 
Case in point, our good friend brought his 6 month old son to the concert. He was fighting sleep the whole time because there were so many people coming in and out of the holding room. 
Uncle Donnie decided he wanted to tell him a bed time story. 
He decided that acting out Shakespeare was the best way to go.
While we DIED laughing, my friends son actually fell asleep. I think almost out of fear. 
It was so cute. 

At home, I finally got her bassinet up for our room! 
That’s one small step because as of right now thats ALL we have complete for her arrival in about 9 weeks.  I keep giving Amos strong hints about what I want him to put together and he keeps dragging his feet… in a minute, I am going to really have to lay down the law to get him to get this nursery together. Even our doctor today laughed at how much we have not done. 

Speaking of Doctor’s visit, all is well with Baby Girl. 
Heart rate is normal – I definitely only passed my glucose test by one point, but a pass is a pass. 
She also confirmed that thus far I have only gained 5 pounds this pregnancy. 
I swear it must all be in my FACE!
I feel so pregnant in the face even though at times I can easily conceal my belly. 
I am excited that we are finally in the single digits of counting down the days. 
Also, terrified!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
P.S. I am now experiencing Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel and can’t wear any of my rings – who knows now when I can update my blog. But I will make a valiant effort as long as its not painful. 

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3 thoughts on “New Developments

  1. Cece says:

    That really sucks! I cannot believe this madness that is going on. Going to work when you get paid is hard enough sometimes but with no pay and not knowing when it will come? Rough stuff. My husband is essential and is getting paid still but he says the maintenance people are not coming to work so they don't have toilet paper and the trash is full. Minor stuff for sure. But I feel terrible for those people that can't come to work or do but without pay.


  2. Faith says:

    This whole shutdown, I have no words! I can't believe this is going on.

    Congrats on the move!

    5 lbs? That's pretty amazing! I'll be one of those shoes gains like 50 lbs.

    Too funny that y'all are procrastinating on the nursery. I'm thinking when it gets closer y'all will be in fast mode!


  3. Miss.AishaLC says:

    Awesome blog post! I love her bassinet! One of my good friends is pregnant with a babygirl right now too! 🙂 Due in January! I am now following your blog!

    Lets follow eachother! Follow and be entered to win into our Fall Must Have Giveaways where you can win some fall goodies including a $25 giftcard to H&M… Check out If you follow, you are automatically entered! Check out other ways you can have multiple entries on the website! 🙂


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