What’s in a Name?

I mentioned before that I was on the fence about taking Maternity Photos – 
Reason being (and no judgement to anyone else) but I can’t stand the Maternity Photos where my belly would be out and I would be wrapped in some strange fabric. All I kept thinking to myself was “who in the world would I show my stomach to?” and “where would I even hang that in my house?”
Not to mention, my stomach is the least bit flattering.
I went for a long time without stretch marks – not so much anymore. 
Thankfully, pre-baby I never wore bikinis because I would be devastated right about now.
I wanted however, to take pictures that felt more like “us”. 
We have always done things a tad different from the norm. 
We had a photographer friend of ours, Gary Williams (@masterwilliams on IG),  come to our Baby Shower to capture a lot of fun moments : additional moments that I will share with you for nostalgia in a separate post. 
But during the shower, while everyone was eating, we went outside really fast near this soccer field and playground and said, “can you snap some quick photos for us?”
It was perfect!
The joy and love you see was exactly how we felt on the day where we were being showered with love by our family and friends. Most importantly, because it wasn’t planned there was no over thinking it. It took 10 minutes and most of the shots were literally just us being us versus him saying “now do this” and “pose like this”
This may seem quite cheesy, but I have heard so many stories of pregnancies and children “trying” marriages. I can honestly say that this pregnancy at best has tried his patience with me since my constant getting up and uncomfortable sleep has kept him up but my husband, thankfully, has taken it all in stride. We shall see how our parenting changes our marriage. However, we have prayed that our being able to start a family was God’s way of confirming that we were ready and up for the challenge.
This man really makes me feel like he loves me as much as he says he does. 
Sometimes his affection is overwhelming. Literally. I have to push him and all that gooeyness away. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so glad that he never listens to me in that regard. 
I truly believe that he will take care of his girls as best as he can.

And now for her name… 
Our families are quite traditional. Both my husband and I are named after our parents. Our families have names that have been passed down for generations. 
Therefore, when it came to naming our first born, her name came extremely easy. Literally the morning or so after we found out that we were expecting, we had breakfast at Panera Bread. Before they even called our number we said “If its a girl…” and “If its a Boy…” and had names picked out without much discussion or debate.
So without further adieu, our first born daughter’s name is: 
Vashti (pronounced Vash-TIE) means Beautiful. It comes from the Bible, as Vashti was a Queen in the book of Esther. In my family the name Vashti has been handed down since my Great-Grandmother. My full first name is Vashti-Jasmine. My daughter will be the 6th Vashti in our family as I have a cousin in my generation that also has the name. 
Gracia (pronounced Gra-CEE-uh) means Grace and Favor. It has a spanish origin. My husband’s mother was Dominican, as she was born in the Dominican Republic. Her name was Altagracia (she passed away in 1999). So to honor her we will name her Gracia. 
We think it is so fitting that our first born has a name that means Beautiful Favor. It is exactly what we truly believe that God has granted us with entrusting her life to us.
We call her Gracie…
She will be our wonderful Haitian Dominican African American Princess!
and here’s a sneak peak of the little bundle of joy that we are patiently awaiting

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8 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Cece says:

    The pictures are beautiful! I'm not so sure I'd want a ton of pics with my big belly out either. What a pretty unique name. She won't be able to find her name on a key chain at the store (like me) but when she gets older she won't care about that!! (like me).


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