Week 37 & More Baby Shower Fun

Week 37 Check-Up: 
Welp… Baby is Head Down! Thank You Jesus.
I really wanted to see her be head down because at this point if she was not head down, we would automatically have to discuss a C-section date, which is something I really just didn’t want to have to go through. 
So far, there is absolutely no progress labor wise. 
She is in there tight and solid! 
My husband swears I will have to be induced. 
Talk about a MAJOR sad face if I she doesn’t at least come by her Due Date and that I have to be induced. Sadly, its a myth that there is anything that I can do in order to make her come. All of those things to make babies come faster only work because the baby is already ready to come out. 
So I will try my best to sit on my hands and patiently wait for her while checking her progress weekly.. so expect at least weekly updates in that regard from now on – 3 weeks and counting!
We also had our Hospital Tour yesterday. 
Talk about hilarious fun!
Clearly my husband and I felt differently about the tour – he went in with panic as in this feels way too real too soon, and I felt like I was a high schooler going on a College Tour feeling all grown up and stuff. 
We were doing great until they told my husband that the practice of the hospital is to let the dad’s cut the umbilical cord and that he would have to ask NOT to cut the cord if he did not want to. Amos turns to me and says “why didn’t you tell me?!” 
I said to him “Sir, I didn’t know either! this is my first baby too ya’ know?”
I think for the rest of the night he debated if in fact he would be able to handle cutting the cord. 
I think at this point he wants to – we shall see. 
The other surprising thing that we found out was that the hospital that we chose does not have a nursery. I guess its an old school thing to have a “well baby” nursery. The baby is literally with you the whole time from when you push her out. They wash her and band her in your room and then when you are moved, she is moved with you. I guess this is great- however, I wanted to at least be able to recover before having to tend to a newborn… not so much I guess. 
And not to mention – my hospital is open to all of the new age requests like taking the placenta home with you and delayed cord clamping, skin to skin care and some other things that she mentioned. The only thing that I have seriously been considering is the delayed cord clamping but I have not yet made my mind up about that yet. 
So in my waiting period – while my husband installs the carseat like he promised.. I will do my research. 
You can enjoy more photos from our awesome Baby Shower. 
We absolutely had so many laughs with the guys and the girls – I don’t think I would’ve done it any differently. 

This goes to show that clearly I am the talker in our relationship.. LOL. I can’t help it. 

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8 thoughts on “Week 37 & More Baby Shower Fun

  1. Faith says:

    so glad that she is head down! that is awesome news. praying that you won't have to be induced!

    what a fantastic shower. everything looks beautiful, you especially. looks like everyone is having a great time! haha, nothing wrong with being the talker in the relationship 😉


  2. wdstkbee says:

    Hi! I just found your blog through Faith's blog. Beautiful couple, interesting careers, new home, and a baby on the way? Right up my alley LOL. I don't blog and I rarely comment, just wanted to say hi!


  3. Heather says:

    Glad the head is down. See, look how cooperative she's being! That's so WEIRD the hospital doesn't have a nursery. Our second child – the hospital had a nursery but you still kept the baby with you the whole times. So maybe that makes sense after all not to have one.

    And whoever took those pictures did a nice job and has a really nice camera!
    Keeping you in my thoughts.


  4. Carissa G says:

    I absolutely love the conversation between you and your husband about the cord! LOL!!! Darrick told everyone he watches TLC so he knew what happened during labor…remind you this both our first times! LOL!!! Guys are hilarious…they are just as nervous as we are if not more! LOL!!! He will be fine!!! LOL!!


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