Week 38 – A Different Direction and Unexpected Plans

Smile to keep from Crying or Stressing, etc….
So my Week 38 appointment had a bit more unexpected things that we were not prepared for. I guess we got a bit spoiled with the easy pregnancy and was just so happy that she was head down that we didn’t think that anything this far in the game could happen… well not so much. 
We went to our appointment yesterday and had to wait for a while because everyone was trying to get into the office before Thanksgiving. 
Basically, this momma has elevated blood pressure (Gestational Hypertension). It has been creeping up – last week it was borderline and yesterday it was the highest that its ever been. Not sure why, but of course pregnancy induced hypertension is nothing to sneeze at. They took my blood pressure four times during my hour long appointment and each time it was higher and higher. My doctor made me lie down in the dark, not talk and on my left side in order to see how long it would take to come down before she would let me leave. If it didn’t come down within a certain frame, she was going to send me to the hospital. What’s interesting was that I grabbed my hospital bag when we left the house and my husband was like, “what are you bringing that for? I said at this point, you never know what she might say” and we were this close to having to go yesterday. 
So needless to say, I am on Maternity Leave officially. I am a bit sad about it because I really don’t want to use leave before she gets here but thats ok, because I am thinking this furlough that we just went through just prepared us for what it may be like at the end of this maternity leave if I don’t have enough to take. 
The other thing pertaining to different directions and unexpected plans – Baby Grace decided she wants be sunny side up (what the doctor called as Occiput Posterior position). Babies are supposed to be faced down for easier delivery. When she was checked for head down position she was laying on her side, but that wasn’t a big deal because she could rotate to her stomach with no problem. 
This visit, Grace has her knees up in my stomach and is laying on her back. Not ideal at all. I could see the wheels turning in my doctor’s head as she said she has to come up with a plan because if in fact she may have to induce me because of my blood pressure, it may mean long labor, back labor and her having to physically turn her if she can actually get her head past the bone which at this point she doesn’t think its possible. Meaning, she may have to come via c-section. 
As much as it is a lot to process within an hour, we leave it in God’s hands. However, she comes is how she is supposed to come. Now I am sitting here, on Maternity Leave but not on bed rest, trying my best to be patient while nesting (despite my watermelon sized ankles), waiting for my baby girl to come. 
Also, my parents arrived in town!!! WOO HOO! So I do have relief because my mom is here and she has had complicated deliveries and it helps that she can give me some peace about whats going on. 
They came with the rest of the gifts and cards from the Texas Baby Shower that was held in our honor. We were so surprised at the generosity of people whom we have never met. They sent so much to us that we are definitely set for whatever need she may have for the next two years! (not exaggerating) I tried so hard to not let all the gift cards burn a hole in my pocket. 
We are just so thankful and have already planned our summer trip to Texas. I can’t wait! I love Tex-Mex food so I am looking forward to that the most. 
Now to plan some recipes out for Thanksgiving. 
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday week!

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6 thoughts on “Week 38 – A Different Direction and Unexpected Plans

  1. YSMOTHERS says:

    I don t know you but I m starting to get excited for you…lol no one can tell you about it but it will be like nothing you have ever done before. Hopefully, you will be able to deliver naturally with maybe a side of epidural-and not be robbed of the ever-connecting bond between mother and child with a C-section. If you can endure the pain au-natural–the feeling of birthing is like nothing you have ever done before or will ever compare to anything that you will do–trust me! I truly think that God intended for us to feel it, to endure the pain in order to enjoy the pleasure. When we birth blessings in the spirit–they are usually almost unbearable but then we learn from the experience and press our way and we know that God is and was and will always be with us through it all. And that is the connection that you will miss–You miss seeing God. I know that sounds crazy but… it is the best way to explain it. I have had one child with an epidural and it was painful because I got the epidural late and trust me–you do remember the pain, maybe not the actual intensity but you do remember how you could have taken death over the EXCRUTIATING PAIN. But, I can also testify to having given natural birth, not because I wanted to but because I had to–the anesthesiologist was tied up in ER, so I was forced but when I tell you the feeling of when I BIRTHED my son into this world. I knew that God had given us a blessing in the Garden of Eden but it was one that we would have to go through in order to receive and many of us are opting to not endure the pain and voiding our blessing of learning more of who God is. I just wanted to share my testimony with you and pray that you and your family are blessed; and that you as a woman get out of this experience everything that God wants you to have.


  2. Carissa G says:

    Im praying for you and baby…hopefully she changes position! And on a brighter side good thing its been easy up until this point. I mean we want baby to stay her full term but at least you know if she comes a little early she only has a little bit of time left!!! But you rest and she is going to change that position!!! Enjoy this time!!! Its the holidays and maternity leave it a little bit longer than planned!!! I guess this is considered that first lesson that you are no longer in control…I got the same lesson! LOL!!! I was like wow just like that this has turned into Emma's schedule!


  3. Heather says:

    I just want to let you know that I had a breech baby with my first and had to have a C-section. I actually ended up having two c-sections. Not that it was ever my plan – but that’s when I was reminded it was never MY plan. My point is, I had two c-sections and they were totally fine. And now I can jump on the trampoline with my daughter and I don’t pee my pants…just say’n.

    I know it sounds scary, but if a c-section is what’s necessary, it’s totally okay. AND there’s the above mentioned silver lining.

    One thing to ask your doctor about is when you get to see your baby after the delivery – there’s a recovery room time and I didn’t get my baby for like an hour and a half and I was all wiggy about that. So ask questions about that part so you will know the process. Speaking of the process: in my book, I have a section in there on what my process was. I didn’t have anyone to walk me through it, so I hope that is of some comfort to you.

    Speaking of comfort, I am so glad you have your mom with you, too. Because I don’t care how old you are, when the poop hits the fan – you still want your mommy. And so it will be with you and your daughter.

    Sending lots and lots of good thoughts your way.


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