I’ve Got a Testimony!

I guess it just wouldn’t be my life if God didn’t give us one last testimony before Baby Gracia’s arrival. So I MUST share this with you –
SO, despite being in the last days of my pregnancy, I can’t help but to always reflect on how much we went through in trying to have have a baby. If you are new to my blog, here are just a few posts about that process. 
But, in the midst of being so thankful in the abundance of love that has been shown to us through people buying us gifts and showering us with money and gift cards where we are in want of nothing (talk about God opening up a window and pouring out blessings) when we thought we would not have any funds to even care for her due to Furloughs, already living check to check, etc. 
Well, yesterday my husband comes running up the stairs and said “if this is not a sign that we are blessed than I don’t know what is…” I looked at him and told him he was scaring me. I had no idea what he was about to say or what just happened for that matter… 
He hands me a stack of mail, and within the stack was an envelope from a company we had never heard of and it looked like a check. I open the envelope and inside of it was indeed a check!
It was a refund check!
We got refunded all of the money from the failed IUI procedure that we had last August. Without a letter or a phone call, the check just came. I am so surprised. Neither one of us expected it. Its customary that fertility treatments are not covered by your insurance company and therefore you have to come out of pocket. We spent extra money that we had just worked for and watched it just go away with that negative test. It was an investment into our family – one that many people have to decide to make and even take out loans for. 
Well, we are so thankful – right before our daughter comes into this world, we are given back the funds almost in full and now we can sow this money into the life of the child that we conceived on our own. 
Still “patiently” awaiting her arrival. 
Tomorrow is my Week 39 Doctor’s appointment. I have been on maternity leave the whole week from work per Doctor’s orders. She thought that the rise in my blood pressure was stress related and possibly due to work. Unfortunately, I do not believe that it has not gone back down. I had additional symptoms of high blood pressure that made me break out the at home blood pressure cuff and it was high and only came down to borderline after a nap. I am not sure if she will send me straight to the hospital tomorrow or if she will wait another week – so I am going to be prepared for whatever she decides. I just want Baby Girl to be healthy. 
I’ll keep you posted!

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4 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Testimony!

  1. Camille says:

    I love your conception story…I am excited for you two! I have added you to my list of blogs that I am following b/c I don't want to miss out on sharing with your joy! Congrats again!!!


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