Too Much Like Right

So went to my Week 39 (being 38 Weeks and 4 days) yesterday and of course, my blood pressure was up yet again – although, I knew it would be because we were up early trying to prepare our house for the cleaners to come and do a deep clean – and of course when you leave things to the last minute you get stressed out, so that may not have been smart on my part. Not to mention, I think we are both so READY for her to come that we are literally irritated with each other so much quicker over the dumbest things. 
Either who, due to my blood pressure, my doctor had me lay down to get it down to normal before I left her office, which has been happening each visit lately, so no biggie. She decided that she may want to go ahead and induce labor just because at this point, bed rest is not going to work and not working is not seeming to keep other stresses from effecting me. 
She sent me to a specialist right away and wanted me to get a non-stress test done and another sonogram to check the babies full biophysical well being. Well, we got there a little late and the doctor had to do rounds at the hospital so we had to come back at 1pm for our appt. We decided to waste time in Target of course. On the way back to the specialist, we got rear-ended. UGH!
You should’ve seen my husbands face! It was minor but boy you couldn’t tell us that. He stepped out the car and the young girls who hit us were so terrified and shaking that I actually felt bad for them. I did step out the car, so now they are looking at me WIDE EYED like Oh My Goodness You’re Pregnant! I said to her that I was fine – because I was. The worst she did was make me spill my coffee and give me a headache. I told her to calm down and just give her insurance information to my husband and that we would just deal with it later because we were on our way to the hospital. I totally  wish I could have been a fly on the wall when she told her daddy what happened.
Well we get there, get hooked up to the sonogram machine immediately and Baby Gracia could not be happier in there!
She was moving all around, had a bit of the hiccups – but she is still head down, yet looking towards my right hip and in a C shape with her feet towards her head.. a little long gymnast. She is measuring about 7 lbs and 3 ozs.
So after the sonogram, I have to get hooked up to machines to make sure that she is ok when I am having contractions. Funny enough, I wasn’t really having regular contractions until I got hooked up to the machines – then out of no where, I was having contractions every 5 mins. I guess it was nothing to be worried about because the baby’s heart rate was fine and they let me go home after they laid me back down to take my blood pressure, which was excellent. 

So now, my next appointment is Thursday to do the same thing.Then my OB has scheduled me to be induced on Tuesday if she doesn’t come on her own this week like she is supposed to. 
So of course you know I am trying to do everything to get her to come out right!?!Poor thing is just way to comfortable and I am only 1cm dilated and she is WAYYYYYY up there the doctor said.. just great!
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4 thoughts on “Too Much Like Right

  1. Ms. Lock-It says:

    Im praying for a very healthy delivery for you. I have been following for your journey, and crossing my fingers that the next little Soror (wink!!) will come on December 11th….(fingers tied!) Praying nothing but the Best for you!!

    Much Delta Love….


  2. Carissa G says:

    I don't know if my other comment posted or not!!! Praying for a healthy delivery for Momma and Baby! I do know how the waiting is so I hope she comes on her own!! She probably knows how cold it's going to be so she's staying warm and comfortable until she's evicted….LOL:)


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