Sweet Relief: Secrets of the Mommyhood

During my Pregnancy,  a sweet blogger reached out to me and asked me if I would be willing to read and review her book about Pregnancy. Of course I jumped at the idea because contrary to the trend of all pregnant persons, I never purchased “What to Expect When Expecting”. The reason being, I think it just had TOO much information. I mean really, are you trying to give nightmares to women who are already hypochondriac running to Google for every single small thing. 
I sincerely wished I had people who were pregnant with their first baby to just sit and shoot the breeze with during pregnancy as we try to figure this thing out. I say first time pregnant women because those who have already been pregnant are worse than the What to Expect books… I could be generalizing but in my experience, no one had anything encouraging to say about being pregnant. It was mostly, “just wait until that morning sickness kicks in,” etc. Well, I never got morning sickness so now what??
Well, the great thing about getting Secrets of the Mommyhood when I did was that Heather not only wrote it from her experience but she also wrote a balanced experience. If she didn’t go through it personally she at least breached some of the topics that she heard and offered some really great advice. 
Why would I recommend this book?? Because its written in such a hilarious way that it truly feels like you are getting advice from one of your good girlfriends. Its all the things you wish you documented during your pregnancy so that you would remember to tell yourself and others these things to look out for in the future. 
The best part of the book was her recommendations for baby gear and what not to waste your money on. It had me rethink a few things that I was considering- and I was thorough in my research of products for my daughter – I am talking reading reviews and then going to YouTube to find people who have used the products so that I can see them in action over the course of months!! I too have a list of things that I am working on for myself as well but Heather definitely gave me a head start. 
So if you are pregnant, or know someone who is, I would recommend this book – thanks Heather. 
Disclosure: The review of this book was sincere and all my own and the only compensation I received for this review was a free copy of the book. 

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Relief: Secrets of the Mommyhood

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for reviewing my book, Jasmine. I am glad you enjoyed it. It's pretty cool to connect with first time moms and watch them become mommies. Sending you lots and lots of good wishes as you raise your sweet girl.


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