Postpartum Check Up

Lets talk Postpartum!
I have officially reached 6 weeks postpartum. It was the second time that I have been to my OB practice since I have had the baby but the first time that I had seen the OB that delivered my daughter. The first time that I went to the OB was a week after I was released from the hospital just to check my stitches to make sure that everything was healing properly. I had internal stitches and because of the location of what needed to be stitched they wanted to make sure that everything was coming along and it was.
At my check up I was weighed. I finally could see how much weight I had lost. Now grant it, I could tell that I had lost a lot of weight because I could see it in my waist and in my body, but I didn’t know if I was just being tricked into thinking that it was a lot of weight lost because I was so used to seeing myself pregnant. 
Just to kind of remind myself where I came from as far as “pregnant face” is concerned, this was from not to long before I gave birth. 

Well, on the scale I am only down 3 lbs from when I got pregnant but that means in 6 weeks I lost a total of 27 pounds. Its not where I want to be but that just happened with me still eating like I am pregnant and sitting on the couch barely breastfeeding. I want to lose 27 more pounds in the next six weeks and I am hoping once I return to work and I am more mobile that the next few pounds will be not be far behind. 
My blood pressure has returned to normal! That is a praise report indeed because my blood pressure at my two week postpartum visit was still up. I have begun to take my iron pills because I noticed I was gaining this weird habit of wanting to eat ice and not just hospital ice chips, which is a sign of low iron. I have definitely seen marked improvement in my energy level. And thanks to “Obamacare” all of my prescriptions are $5 so it didn’t hurt to give it a try. 
I had to fill out a postpartum survey that asked about the baby: name, the sex of the baby and if the baby was being breastfed or bottle-fed. It also asked what form of contraception I would like post pregnancy. Now I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but my husband and I have decided not to accept any contraception. One, I don’t care for the hormonal side effects of the pill and do not want an IUD or any other form of contraception. My doctor was at first surprised but not trying to talk me out of that decision as I thought she may. She just said “with a newborn at home, I thought you may want some because you will be very fertile after having a baby.” My response to her was “we want more babies, so thats fine.” She said that if that was the case just know that I can easily get pregnant within 6 months of this baby and that if I changed my mind that it was too soon that we could go the “family planning” method. It means that I would have to know when I ovulate and avoid those days as best as I could. Only thing is once you have a baby, your period does not come back as soon as the time it takes to ovulate. So this shall be interesting. 
We always said once we start a family that it would be a journey. You saw how far it took for us to get our first born so we are excited to see what the future holds. We aren’t through yet. So you never know when I will have another announcement in the future for her siblings.
Until then, we are soaking up all this newborn goodness. 

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2 thoughts on “Postpartum Check Up

  1. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    oh wow…my blood pressure was high too after pregnancy…the doctors freaked me out about it and wish they would have calmed my nerves instead…anyway hang in there…the postpartum stuff all settles down after a while!!


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