Weekend Shenanigans : The BET Honors

I am a freelance make up artist. I was doing make up literally the day before I went into the hospital to have my daughter. I absolutely love doing make up, which is so funny because I never really liked to wear make up when I was younger, nor do I really wear a full face of make up everyday. I finally accepted my first make up gig post-baby. It felt great to get back at it again. 

 This time I was going to be assisting one of my fellow artists who booked a gig in Crystal City, VA doing runway make up for a fashion show. There’s such an energy when you are doing make up for 20 models because you are literally doing a full face of make up in a short amount of time. It also helped me get more hands on experience and time doing make up not only to learn but to confirm for me that I really had retained the skills that I learned taking make up classes. 

 I had to rush from that event and get to D.C. to attend the BET Honors. Its always fun going back to attend shows that I used to work on when I used to work at BET and see some of my old coworkers. This time I got the chance to go out with my sister. It was a good time had by all… Good times!  

 We had to at least get one “usie” in before the taping began because we were constantly being harrassed by the usher who decided to post up near us to put our phones away. We had to pretty much had to sneak even checking our instagram during commercial breaks.   

 They honored Ice Cube this year – awesome guy, and his speech was such a sweet dedication to his wife and family. So it was only befitting that we take thug-dizzle usies during that commercial break.  

 When it ended, the honorees came up on stage, it was only befitting that I would take a picture of the seat filler that sat in front of me taking a picture. Something he was NOT supposed to be doing.  

 After the show is the After Party! 

 The after party was at the Howard Theater. I love a good after party hosted by BET. Only downside was one bar on the main level for majority of the attendees. With it being open bar it meant that most of the party was jammed into one little area just trying to get the party started. I just wish that they had at least 6 bartenders instead of the 2 bartenders and 1 bar back that I saw. 

We were lucky to be able to go upstairs to the balcony where we could get a table, have better access to another open bar upstairs and the buffet. We got the chance to literally party with Janelle Monae, Tamar and Vince (who also had her whole entourage with her), Wayne Brady, Anthony Anderson (who was really on some other stuff- like a person who thought he was so darn funny in a sarcastic way, but you dont get a pass for being that way because you think you are a celebrity).
Displaying photo 4.JPG
Caught Wolf Blitzer jamming in the corner as well. It really was a great night and an exhausting day. It was also great to see Joe Morton! His stint on Scandal has brought him back to the forefront as a great actor… long way from the days of him being Byron Douglass on A Different World.



I can’t really say too much really about the show itself because it was a taping that will air later on this month. But I will say that Wayne Brady was a great choice in host for this event. If it werent for him.. lets just say it would’ve been worse.  And of course to close out the evening, its only right that you take a picture in the bathroom.  Displaying photo 5.JPG Hope you had a wonderful weekend.     post signature


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