Do you want to build a Snowman?

One of the things that I did last week was FINALLY rent Frozen, after stalking my On Demand to see when it would be released for Rent. I had heard nothing but good things about it, but we weren’t able to go to the theater to see it when it was out. I sat Gracia down when I got home from work and we watched it together… more like I watched it and she napped after a good 20 mins of watching it but still – in my mind we watched it together.
…mind you, I watched it three times so she pretty much saw the whole thing depending on when her nap fell on that day.
Can you tell that she was as into it as I was…
She was so determined to learn how to sit straight up this week. I would lean her back, she would do crunches to try to sit herself upright. So she did that until she fell asleep watching Frozen.
Can I just speak for her when I say that we LOVE this movie?
I don’t know if its because of the catchy songs or the storyline, but I absolutely think this movie is so cute! And as many Disney movies as I have watched, I am beginning to see how Disney changed its message with meet a man and they live happily ever after with this movie. We were so engrained to think that’s how real life worked for so long because of their movies when we were little girls that I know a lot of disappointed wannabe Cinderellas that are in their 30’s, but I digress because that’s a WHOLE other post for a later time.
With this eternal winter that we are currently experiencing, I feel like we are in a real life Frozen.
I have been walking around my office, watching the flurries fall singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” at the top of my lungs!

 Well Anna, NO! I don’t want to build anymore snowmen! I am SO SICK of winter weather its ridiculous. Its a shame when 50 degrees feels like a heat wave around here because its been so cold.The smidgen of a nice day that we had last week, we took Gracie out to finally see some sun! She was dressed and ready to explore…

But first, she needed her nourishment for the ride.

Boy if that didn’t backfire on me!
You see this cute face? This is her poop face.
I had to change her twice in the car, in some random parking lot before we even got to where we were going. UGH! But after that we had a really wonderful day.
We went down to the National Harbor to walk around on the docks and enjoy the weather. We were trying to go to dinner, but apparently everybody had the same idea. I was not willing to wait 2 hours just to get a seat.

We took Gracia to the spot where we took our “first look” wedding photos the morning of our wedding day to watch the sunset. Its amazing how life is so different 3 1/2 years later.
Back then, we were just about to say our vows.. now here we are with our 3 month old. God is good!

I hope that the snow stops so that we can continue to make more memories and enjoy things to do as a family and enjoy the good weather.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Create new memories!

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Gracia’s 3 Months Old

Happy Three Months Baby Girl!

How Big Am I?


Last month, Gracia’s weight was 11 lbs. 6.2 oz – this month she weighs 14lbs. 5oz.She hasn’t been to the doctor’s for a well visit to get the rest of her stats yet but I am hoping to get updated stats really soon. I would say that she has definitely grown at least 2 lbs. and possibly a 1/2 inch more. 


Gracia is officially in 3 month clothes in Carters and Newborn clothes in Circo Target brand! 0-3 months in Gerber brand. We pretty much put anything that has a 3 on her and see if it fits. If it doesn’t we just save it for the following week because more than likely she will be in it by then.  She is still wearing Newborn sized shoes. 

What’s My Routine?


My sister in law has left us and now Amos is watching Gracie at home while he works from home. My routine is pretty much the same as it was before. I get up with Gracia at her 4-5am feeding. She may wake up some time within that hour and I feed her and may go back to sleep or just get up and get ready for work depending on how close to 5am she wakes up. 
When I come home from work around 4:30pm, I sometimes find Gracia with her bib backwards. I asked my husband why does she have it on backwards and he says its because she is “Super Gracie” … ok sir whatever you have to do to entertain yourself throughout the day. 

I come home and take her for her afternoon nap and when she wakes about 1-2 hours later we get dinner ready while Amos is at work until about 9-10pm. Around 11:30pm she has her last feeding of the day and I go to sleep shortly after. I started doing shorter baths at night and he gives her full baths in the morning when she wakes up with a full grease down with Vaseline.


Gracia is up to 6oz of Similac Advanced every 3-4 hours or so at this point. She finally is able to handle the size 1 nipples and gets less milk all over herself. She has made attempts to hold her own bottle now. We tried Rice during this month to see if it will help her sleep at night but it didn’t so we stopped giving her rice and will save solid foods until next month at least. 


Gracia’s sleep schedule is fairly regular. She goes to sleep for good around 11pm and will only wake to eat around every 3-4 hours until she wakes up for the day around 8:30am. She is up at that point until her first nap around 10:30am. She will be awake and nap in about 2-3 hour intervals just like her feeding schedule.
She does really well sleeping in her bassinet. If she is in the bed with us, its not because she cries to be with us – its moreso because we miss her. We hope that soon we will let her sleep in her own bed more often. 

What Milestones Have I Hit?

She is showing more signs that she knows who her parents are – it melts my heart when she wants me

Still Teething and has discovered how to put her hands in her mouth!

She can follow sounds and people with great control of her head! 

She can also sit up for a brief moment with minimal help.

She also grasps toys on purpose now!

…and sometimes pees so much and so often that there is no reason for snapping her onesies LOL


Gracia’s First Plane Ride

Gracia got to meet her Dad’s side of the Family
The top two are of her with her Aunt, Altagracia whom Gracia is also named, the middle two are Amos’ best friends/ brothers, Harvey and Tony and the bottom two are her two Great Aunts Lorenza and Maria.

Gracia’s First Walk Outside in her Stroller without the Infant Seat

Another visit from Nana and Pop-Pop – and she told them everything they’ve missed.

Gracia met her bosom buddy, Ethan and they happened to be wearing the same color that Sunday. 
Had a playdate and both went to sleep at the same time 
…and Gracia has had her first cold. 
Luckily she only has a little runny nose, but we have been giving her baby vaporub and having her breathe with the humidifier near by as instructed by her pediatrician. 
Its postponed the rest of her vaccines since we already split them up by a month, but thats ok. 

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Baby Gear/ Toys: 

Disclaimer: None of these reviews are sponsored and are just my personal preference, however, I have attached affiliate sponsor links so you can see how you can purchase them yourself. Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

You know how I love my Mamaroo.. 
Well I love it not only as a swing, but I love it as a seat to just place her in and get a bit of free time for her to enjoy some Doc McStuffins – she doesn’t have much TV time but when she does I love I can show her shows where the star looks like her. 
She loves Elmo and Abby Cadabby as well on Sesame Street. 

Paparazzi Got Me!

My Favorite Pics from this Month:

Watching Sesame Street with Daddy 
Out at Brunch with Daddy and Mommy
My favorite outfit that was handmade by an elderly woman at my husbands church. I absolutely love crochet outfits – maybe because it reminds me of my own grandmother.

At church in Florida

Early Morning Sesame Street watching

Just another Sunday Morning

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Our New Couch Takes Hostages

For Christmas this past year we decided to invest in updating furniture in our house. We absolutely wanted to get a new couch for our family room. Before, we found ourselves constantly fighting over which one of us would sit in the seat that had the ottoman and who was going to be able to lounge on the comfy part of the couch. Our goal was to find a couch that would solve that problem. 
After literally a year of visiting every furniture store we could think of, we finally decided on this beauty from Crate and Barrel. 
The only difference is that we got it in Chocolate Brown just in case it got stained and especially since we just had a baby, which meant stains are inevitable. Because of that change it meant that it was in the custom color category and we would have to wait for it. It was delivered a few days ago – just before the snow storm we received today.
Today was the first day that we were able to sit down and really enjoy this couch because I work from home and it was a snow day where the Federal Government shut down the offices.
It did not take long for this new couch to take hostages. 
One by one they were out like a light, while I struggled to remain engaged teleworking. 
It is so comfy and so big that it feels like you are in bed. The couch is very deep, which was exactly what we loved about it. Baby girl would have to roll over and over before she would hit the floor. 
Needless to say, I spent most of my morning trying to watch TV over the sounds of snores in harmony. 
I guess naps were warranted since yesterday Gracia was not letting Daddy sleep one bit!

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Love: It’s Not About You

This is another post from the archives kept deep within my Facebook account in the Notes section – what I would consider my first blog. This one was written November 2, 2006 – I was every bit of 24 years old and I looked like this:

Best selfie a Sidekick pager could take! LOL
Enjoy – 
It seems to be the concensus of my generation that we are having such a hard time when it comes to relationships and finding who we deem to be “the one.” Day in and day out we always pick our brain and get frustrated as to why “he” can’t get right and why “she” can’t do right. Will “he” love me the way that I need to be loved? Or will “he” think that I am needy? Will “she” allow me to be vulnerable? and still allow me to be the Man that I need to be?

I have come to the realization that God is truly using the next generations to do a new thing in His kingdom. Why does this matter? you may ask. It matters because, When God formed us, He had our help-meat and soul-mate in mind. Not only did He have our gratification and satisfication in mind, but He also had your potential children in mind. God’s choice for you is someone who will continue to align you with your destiny with Him. 

That is why we can not be selfish with Love. Love is a gift from God that we must share unconditionally. Know that there are persons that are in your life for a reason and for a season. You will know that they are “the one” when you continue to grow in Him, and that person does not draw you away from Him through constant frustration and aggravation. Your mind is no longer on Him, thanking Him for the blessing in your life. But rather its on Him asking and begging Him to clarify why He brought that madness into your life. 

Realize this as well… There are some relationships that the enemy will not be happy about. There is indeed spiritual warfare that will take place when God’s chosen is brought together. We need to remember to pray daily for our significant others. Women of God, continue to pray daily for the men in your life, that he continues to seek God and grow in Him so that your destiny together might be revealed through him. If you both are prayed up, nothing that God joins together,will no man be able to put asunder. God is able to wreck shop through a relationship where both persons are prayed up. That’s why it is very important to not be aligned with someone who is unequally yoked. I pray that God sends someone who will be able to continuously cover me, and I pray that I do the same, because it is not easy in ministry to be uncovered. 

Loving someone is a gift…. its like the capability to breathe and it comes that natural. There is a beauty in a relatioship that God ordains. It’s something that can never be kept a secret, because the fact that you are with your “God-Sent” will give you a radient glow and sheer happiness that will not be able to be hidden from the world. Its the testimony to the gift that God gives you.

One day we’ll hopefully all be able to bask in the glory of having peace in our relationships. Know Him, Love Him, and Trust Him…. Remember that the Quality of your relationship with God will shape the Quality of your personal relationships. If you have a relationship with Him, never fear the quality of the relationship that you will have with someone that God brings into your life. 

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Flying with an Infant

We recently decided to go to Orlando and decided to take Gracia with us. Leading up to our trip as we shared with people that we were taking her on her first flight, the angst on everyone’s face was quite palpable. I mean let’s face it – prior to being parents, we were definitely among those group of persons who can not stand crying babies on airplanes and had zero understanding or empathy for the parents that could not keep their babies happy for the short flight. 
Grant it, you never know how your child is going to act until you get on the plane. You do not know if the engine noise will be an irritant or if their ears will pop like adults’ do and cause them to become fussy. You never know if they won’t be so distracted that they are unable to nap during their normal times (if thats around the time you have your flight booked for) and therefore, extra cranky. 
You kind of prepare yourself for how you will react to the sucking of the teeth and glares that ensue when the slight hint of baby cries ring out on a plane. Part of you wants to hang your head down in embarrassment and shame because you are the parents that can’t quiet a child who can’t verbalize what is wrong. The other part of you is exhausted from not going to sleep the night before the flight so that you would not miss your flight and now your child who barely got a chance to sleep themselves before you ran them through the airport is now… crying?! and wants to yell “DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE!” as you ignore the cries that you can not soothe. 
Needless to say, we braced ourselves for all of the above and in between.
I can honestly say, as with every other outing that we have taken Gracie on she did exceptionally well. Our flight out was a dry run and needless to say – I thought we would simply be defeated by all the things that we “had” to take on the flight. 
When we got to the airport, Amos dropped me off and I took Gracie along with her carseat, stroller, baby bag and carry on, along with my luggage to the check in gate while he went to go park the car. We picked the first flight out in the AM hoping that it would be less crowded and therefore would make us less anxious as we figured out this traveling with an infant thing. I get to the ticket counter and encounter my first “I am clearly a new mom” hiccup. The guy checking my I.D. , looked at Gracie and then asked for my obviously UNDER TWO YEAR OLD child’s birth certificate!

I had the most confused look on my face and through my eyes was trying to convey to him, “can’t you tell that I JUST had her, she is clearly a lap child!” Nonetheless he was just doing his job and gave me some speech about Federal Regulations require me to have documentation proving the age of my child. I asked him if I would not be allowed to fly because I had yet had the chance to go get my daughter’s birth certificate (and I left the cute one the hospital gives you AT the hospital when I had her – I know! I am still sad about it)? He called his supervisor over to make the determination. He looked at my daughter and said “just make sure the closer she gets to two years old that you have a birth certificate for her. No worries. I am sure I can get that done within the next two years.
We get to the security line. Apparently, the airport thinks that not too many people fly that early in the morning and decides to only have ONE security lane open. Needless to say, as we are breaking down and disassembling the travel system, taking off our shoes, belt and the like – passing the baby back and forth so we can get it done rather quickly.. we had people asking could they pass us. I let one guy go before us and then he was sent back and had the nerve to have a bag that had to be re-run.. sir! now you are holding ME up. 
Then as we turned the corner headed towards our gate, they are calling our names over the loud speaker because we are one of the last to board! HUH?! How is that so? That stupid slow security line! So we are rushing even moreso to SHOVE the stroller and car seat into its airplane travel bags, which by the way have NO room for error so that it could be gate checked. Basically we looked like bumbling fools because it was the first time we had even used such bags. 
Now… we have to find seats on the plane. We flew Southwest Airlines so I already knew that being last we would have slim pickings. We headed to the back of the plane and got to a point where I was just tired of the glares that screamed “please don’t sit here, you have a baby!”. Finally, I saw a guy seated alone and decided, that’s it, I am sitting here. Would you believe that he would not move! I said to him “Are you waiting for someone?” in my “I am tired and have a baby in my arms and want to sit down, but don’t want to come across as the angry black woman” tone. First he got up with just enough room for me to slide in and as he looked at my husband in his 6’4 glory – he decided it would be best if he moved his seat completely. He moved so quick he left his carry on under the seat. Whatever sir… it is better for us to have this row alone anyways – thanks for moving.
We get settled, I lay Gracie on my lap – here is where my helpful hints come in: 
1. FEED THE BABY ON THE TAKE OFF. The swallowing helps alleviate some of the ear stopping pressure. 
She ate – then fell right to sleep. 
The little one slept the entire flight! Take that people who were scared to sit next to us. We had to change planes mid trip and didn’t have it so hard because we were at the plane on time. We sat down and got her settled. This time people didn’t notice we had a baby until we were getting up to leave because she whined as I was lifting her up out of her good sleep. The couple behind us said “I didn’t even know there was a baby in the row in front of us.” Lady! you have MADE. MY. DAY. 
That small compliment had me floating on air with confidence that I was a good mom and was spared embarrassment and attitudes.

Of course I prayed over her that she will remain such a good traveller. 
When the toddler in front of us decided she wanted to stand up on her daddy and stare at the baby and no longer wanted to sit down, I felt my old judgmental self creep up… I could not be that person any longer because I truly understand that parent. Anything that makes your child happy on a plane, you just go with it. The little girl yelled, at the top of her lungs, the names of her favorite characters that she saw at Disney until she got sleepy and fell asleep on her dad. 
Which leads me to my next tip for traveling with an infant: 
2. Take trips to cities where kids are more likely to be on the flight – like Orlando. The Disney trips means a plane full of children and understanding parents.
Our flight back you would’ve thought we were masters! Forget bringing that stroller and carseat all the way to the gate. Check those bad boys at the door. Carry the baby – and get to the line where Pre Checked people go through so you don’t have to take everything off. It made getting through security quicker and it was much faster getting to the gate and subsequently our seats without having to take the time to break everything down. 

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