Daddy Daycare

For months before Gracie was born, I was obsessing about her daycare for when I went back to work. Months before I was due I was interviewing several in home day care providers and was calling daycare center for rates. What I could not have expected was that right when my maternity leave ended, my sister in law took a month of leave from her job to come and stay with us and watch our daughter while I returned to work, which made stressing about the care of our daughter that less stressful.
Once she left to return back to her home, we again were stuck with making that choice of who was going to watch our daughter. In a surprising turn of events, Amos said “I do not want to send her to daycare, she is still too little.” He decided to negotiate with his job and is able to now work from home a few extra days during the week in order to watch her himself! 
I was so surprised that he signed himself up for Daddy Daycare. Mind you when I hinted that this could be a possibility while I was pregnant, he was hearing none of it. Thankfully, when our daughter was born, she stole his heart enough for him to rearrange his whole life around her. I could not have asked for anymore peace of mind. My husband is joining the few and growing WAHD (work at home dads). I couldn’t be any more proud of him. 
They are going to have so much fun! The few times that I am home with them together, I get to watch them thoroughly enjoy each other. 

This was this morning – she absolutely has always been so alert. When we noticed that she does like to pay attention to things now, we made sure to expose her to some kid friendly things. She loves watching Sesame Street. Unfortunately her little self can only stay awake for the first half of the show since she is pretty much awake for about two hours before it comes on.
Well, today is the day… Daddy Daycare : Day 1. 
I am sure that they will have fun and pretty sure that eventually I will be getting videos like this one below of them two together. We watched this yesterday and was cracking up. Something about those daddy/daughter moments.

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2 thoughts on “Daddy Daycare

  1. Cece says:

    Daddy and his little girl! He couldn't bear to send her to day care just yet. Such sweet images. I'm sure I'd feel the same way. She's so little!! I'm glad that things have panned out so that you feel comfortable with her care. Not to mention all the money you are saving!


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